Still, they all agree that it will be either Martin or Arizona State slugger Spencer Torkelson. section: | slug: mlb-draft-austin-martin-is-2020s-top-prospect-his-vanderbilt-coach-explains-how-he-could-become-a-star | sport: baseball | route: | As that comes, I think you're going to see an extremely well-rounded major-league player who can really do a lot of things for you as a team. “There’s a heavy use of utility guys – there’s a lot of value in it. I think when he's at his best version of his game, he is focused on that idea of just hitting a line drive. Arkansas slugger Heston Kjerstad is another possibility. Major League Baseball will hold their 2020 player draft beginning on Wednesday with former Vanderbilt Commodores standout Austin Martin expected to be taken first or second in the event. So, I think that's the beauty of him, that he can really play at a high level at multiple positions, but if you had to nail it down, I'm not sure. — Kendall Rogers (@KendallRogers) September 29, 2020. He's perfect for this era of positionless baseball. Commodores opened the season with some solid swims at Kentucky, Sophomore catcher Maxwell Romero Jr. finished 3-for-3. I think that was kind of the sophomore year talk, [that] and maybe getting away from feeling that urge to slug and to focus on increasing the quality of at-bat over a long season. He's probably just a competitive person.

I believe he could play a high-level center field, and I only say that because nobody's really seen him do that as much. He is ranked 2nd on Major League Baseball's 2020 Top 30 Blue Jays prospects list, and 20th overall on the 2020 Top 100 MLB prospects list. Women’s tennis closes first fall competition on high note, Our R.J. Anderson ranked Torkelson as the No. He was primarily a third baseman before this season, when he slid to center field to better leverage his wheels. 1 prospect in the draft class. They're willing to give young guys 200 at-bats instead of keeping that for a true pinch-hitter or an older player.

In 2019, during the traditional version of the event, Vanderbilt saw 13 former student-athletes selected – including JJ Bleday who was chosen by the Miami Marlins fourth overall.Bleday spent two seasons playing with Martin and knows exactly what an MLB franchise will soon be getting.“I always liked (Martin’s) swag, man,” Bleday said. The spread of the novel coronavirus means the event will be held remotely.
He is the "safest" of the draft's three elite prospects as a potential impact hitter with a great track record. Covering the impact of coronavirus on the sports world. It's become more routine-based.

2 prospect in the draft class. From when I referenced that spectrum of development, I think his ability to barrel balls consistently is really what is going to take him to that next level of potential power in the big leagues because that's the precursor for it to translate there.
Before we get to the Q&A, here's what we wrote about Martin when we ranked him as the best prospect in the draft: Martin, a top-of-the-order hitter and versatile defender, might be the most intriguing player in the class.

Baxter explained what impressed him the most about Martin this year; why he thinks Martin is a great fit for this era of baseball; and more. He does a really good job of connecting with people around him. All 23 players scheduled to appear are ranked within the top 36 of the Draft Top 200.• Since 2007, Vanderbilt leads the Southeastern Conference in No. 1 overall and only the second pure first baseman taken with the top selection, joining Adrian Gonzalez in 2000. Pick: IF Austin Martin, Vanderbilt ($7,789,900 slot value). Major League Baseball announced Friday that Martin, along with other top players, will be part of ESPN and MLB Network’s virtual coverage of the event. Depending on the "expert," the opinions are varied as to who the No.1 overall pick will be.