You’re allowed to check the to-do lists, but this may waste precious time. Finally, grab a pint glass from the pub’s seating area and quickly make your way to the stone bridge to drop it into the canal. Running while holding the bell will alert the villagers, so try to avoid any unnecessary attention when in their presence. In the woman’s yard is a bust. Sneak behind him using the hedges and place the soap and the woman’s belongings into the fountain. Start by dragging the cricket bat near the opening in the fence in the man’s yard and the ball to its rightmost area. Grab the sign and draw the man to it. What worked for me were the fork tool, the toy car and the view master. Use the same method as above to trap her inside and grab what’s left from the shopping list: toothbrush (found in the trash cane left of the market stall), brush (near the garden tools), toilet paper (left of the market stall), orange (near the carrots and celeries). This trophy is very frustrating, as not only are the rolling mechanics a bit finicky, but you also need to ensure that no-one spots you. Grab the box and bring it with you to the man’s yard (the neighbour). Then, drop the keys on the ground and quickly lock the gate with your beak to unlock this trophy. To unlock this trophy you need to bring three specific items found in the village areas to the bust in the woman’s yard, so that she can place them on it. You need a woollen hat, a toothbrush, and a pair of glasses. Then, while the owner is gone, quickly enter the store, flip the red switch and walk around until you can see the goose on the TV screens. Hide inside the pink box near the van and wait for the delivery woman to pick you up and carry you inside the Pub. Get on his right, across the door leading to The High Street and quack when he’s about to hammer the sign into the ground. When he doesn’t see you, quickly let go of it and get inside it. To save loads of time, turn it off yourself immediately after he got himself wet. Intrepid- get trown over fence was bugged,tryed twice, didnt got trophy (xb1, savefile 1&2). Don’t wait for the man to go and turn it off. As the two neighbours argue, go back to the woman’s yard and hide the broken pieces of the vase behind the tub. When the woman tries to get it from you, hold. Welcome to the Untitled Goose Game Trophy Guide! Our … However, if you’re done in the woman’s yard, give the game a couple of second and the two neighbours should be done fighting. Quickly make your way to the sink and grab the toy boat and walk around for a couple of seconds until the to-do list notification appears. Then, honk in front of one the two TV shop windows until the owner comes out and goes to open the door of the phone booth for the kid to come out. Your email address will not be published. Have her chase you inside the garage, drop what you’ve picked up here and quickly pull the rope to trap her inside. While the woman is hopefully still dressing up the bust, quickly chip away at the squirrel-shaped plant so that she can prune it and snip the rose when she comes back to this area. While the woman is still trapped inside grab the following and put it inside the basket near the left entrance of the market: carrot or celery (left of the market), cleaner (white bottle with green droplet on it on the wheeled furniture near a rake), any can of food (same location as the cleaner). At this point in the game, you should know all objectives by heart. Here’s a suggested path to completing this speed-run challenge: Whatever the AI does, it’s crucial that you stay as stealthy as possible for each objective and that you tend to the “set the table” to-do as early as possible being the longest to-do to complete. As soon as the tomato icon pops above his head, go up to the sink area and drop the bucket on his head when he bends over to put the tomatoes back into the crate. When you played through the High Street, you will have noticed that the kid is also playing with a soccer ball. You may have encountered these objects before, but here’s the location of all of them if you need help. Honk a couple of time to attract the attention of the shop owner. From the High Street, go back to the groundkeeper’s garden and get the trowel from the chair on the right of the area. To easily unlock this trophy, you first need to get rid of the woman by locking her inside the garage. Golden Goose Egg Trophy in R.B.I. Now the sink should be overflowing. Grab the plane toy from the bench and have the boy realise about it. In the High Street is a boy wearing glasses and a red-striped, blue shirt. You should know that the time limit is not generous at all. Now bring all of the man’s belongings to the bust and as the woman dresses him up, check on the man and if he’s sipping tea, interact with the bell to make him spit it. If you’re lucky, the man should be busy placing the radio onto the portable refrigerator. (Adds $30.00), Having an Easter party? You can take on the objectives in any order you want, except for a few circumstances (Garden and Pub areas for example). For the remaining ones, check Step 2. Approach the market stall and hold onto the broom. You sold a level 7 player on the transfer market. Snatch the plane and then honk to attract the kid’s attention. If the apple falls, grab that first. North of the seating area of the Pub is a sink with a toy boat inside. After myself, some of our team members played it as well and we agreed to decrease the difficulty rate. Now grab a few tomatoes from the nearby crate and quack to attract the usher once more. Using this small opening, drop the toy boat into the waterway so that it floats under the bridge, thereby unlock the trophy. As you complete each trophy-related objective, the question marks will be replaced by a brief description of the challenge and it will get crossed out. Then, quickly position yourself where the statue was to trick the woman and have her put the ribbon on you instead. Earn all trophies in the Untitled Goose Game to unlock platinum (DLC not required)! These appear as question marks and are listed under “to do (as well)”. Baseball 17: Pitch a complete game shutout on Hard with Standard fielding - worth 15 Trophy XP However, the time limit on this one is even tighter than the Pub and luck plays an even bigger role here as well. Quickly grab the keys from the groundkeeper’s hip and carry them around for a couple of seconds until the notification pops. Your final objective is to reach the miniature village and retrieve the golden bell and then bring it back to the starting area of the game. Then, grab an umbrella from the rack in the market and move next to one of the T.V. Unfortunately, there is no ideal way to go about the list of objectives in this Step, simply because what the AI does is not scripted and could change every time you reset, in addition to being somewhat unreliable when you need it to work with you on certain things. If the AI works with you, he should run after you soon after. Try stacking them if you’re having trouble. Quickly run to the market stall and place it next to the other toys. This will save you loads of time. When you’re back at the starting area, keep walking towards the bottom of your screen until you can find a pit with other golden bells in it. You can complete these objectives in any order you want. This page is named “to do (quickly!!)”. A mix of walking and running is a good way to get through each area of the village unspotted. 4 want to boost; Golden goose trophy in Blood Bowl 2. The reason why is explained in the objective description. We specialize in Custom Trophies, so if you have any Far Out ideas, just Contact Us and we will gladly assist you. If you don’t and you need the woman to carry out some stuff for you, she’ll instead pick the broken pieces herself, wasting you a lot of time. Now grab the utensils you’ve grouped together before and bring them to the wooden spindle in the backyard. As suggested in the Roadmap, leave this trophy as your last to-do in Step 2. Stack the apple and the sandwich slices on top of the basket and carry it to the blanket. You’ll know the time is up when you hear the church bell chime. Quickly drag the sign behind the nearby car, then drop it a rush inside. Continue doing so until the woman comes back to the area you’re in and if she spots the fence, honk to distract her, so that you can keep bringing the remaining itmes into the man’s yard. Snatch his glasses and place them somewhere as far away from the kid as possible. Now, go back to the man’s garden and, without him noticing, steal the other slipper, ending this nightmarish speed-run. The time limit on this one is infuriatingly tight and luck plays a big role here as well, but it is a tad more doable than the Back Garden’s area. Stack items on top of each other when you can. Grab a pumpkin and bring it to the blanket. You can figure out what you need to do on your own or check the trophy guide below to find out how to complete each objective in all areas. This step is crucial if you still need to carry out some tasks in the woman’s yard. He’ll trip and lose his glasses. Make sure you do this undetected. To lock her inside the garage, grab any item from the stands and then honk to have her spot you. You can complete these objectives in any order you want. While doing all of this, the woman should be busy tidying up the area with the collapsed furniture. First, lock the woman inside the garage. Here’s a suggested path to completing this speed-run challenge: Whatever the AI does, it’s crucial that you stay as stealthy as possible for each objective and that you tend to multiple to-do’s at once. The key to success here is to have the two NPCs to have as few interactions as possible. If you fail, you can always reset the area from the pause menu by pressing and try again. P.S. This is a pretty fast way to complete them though: Here’s what you need to do for each objective in the back gardens to-do list. All our trophies come with FREE Engraving. Lead him to the market stall. This may take a few tries. He will approach the stand and in his attempt to get it back the woman will force him to buy it, thereby unlocking the trophy. Once you’ve given your performance, just leave. This may take some time. However, don’t worry if you get caught as you can steal the bell back from the townspeople. Next, grab the purple vase and drop it next to the man so that he’ll cast it back into the woman’s yard, thus breaking it.