And I just want to right my wrongs, so I needed to apologize. Echo was good friends with her as well when they were younger, as well, but Lexa couldn’t bring herself to explain it. As a child and as a teen, it meant that she soon had to pack up her belongings and trek back home to New York. But despite knowing her Nana wouldn’t be there waiting, her walks in her earlier years were normally accompanied by Lexa, always making sure she got home safely. He put Nana’s house in my name, so I guess I came down here to do this project and clear my mind.”, “I’m so sorry.” Lexa gave her hand a squeeze as she shook her head, “Why the hell didn’t Anya tell me that?”, “I didn’t tell her that part,” Clarke exhaled. Kind of feels like a fresh start now.”, “I’m proud of you,” Clarke unclasped their hands, raising hers to the side of Lexa’s face—a sign of friendship, if nothing more. “Oh,” Echo let out as she neared the front door. Lexa had thrown a couple of local craft beers and a small blanket into a bag to extend the night how they saw fit. Or I wish you could come with me. The lack of her favorite chair only meant one thing: Anya was already on the beach. You don’t have to say anything. “God,” she sighed. “But I love it.”. Switched schools, switched majors, fought with mom a lot about it—apparently writers don’t make much money.”, “Yeah,” Clarke grinned. Lexa reached for the can and did the same, “You sound so sure of that.”. blackunicorngonezebra, SherylR, k_lamoree, PanterMay, nmfire, wrensaysspencah, kyil, inthxdark5, Fleetingmoments12, Bsp, oreo1791, HurricaneJane, Jh3ma, Mistral34, lesbehonest225, Carlaew, angelsora, Collective, messup, newtowngirl, Libraperson, Ziminsky6, TheRealMissAnthrope, Holdstill24, TIMETOLIVE, conehead, Clexa89, StormChaser1117, Eien_Moon, Tamfug, Texrefuge, Audionic_02, twokrusquad, moronotron, stephanstarr, Serineraidne, imtrikru, nola37, queernurse007, Clexaalways64, danjirusangel, Rubyred66, amoveablefeast, EliMaz, Plyingsplash, MontyMD10, bellasc91, Endgame_For_Women_Loving_Women_Ships, FABpanda4, Outofthegarden, ThatThingYouLike, sheazo312, skyphoenix1991, Arckee, LexCommander, Ifu27, babucasooza, Kpop_trash, anyawoods, bloodredyouth, rebs20, coffeeloversap, 177_8, KeelyAnna, ccin24, FallenRaven13, Holmes90, thecheshirekat, Paramore_Loverxxxx, blankform, garion369, Skylark16, eod__17, Zelda_and_fitz, delphineisnotdeadyet, Hiker96, LizNY31, letsavocuddle, red_flag, Chelsann25, Fralo, LexxaHeda, WanhedaWoods and kay_be Lexa was normally chatty after a good afternoon’s rest on the beach, but she was pretty quiet after today’s break. “Hope tonight goes well,” Anya said into the hug. And just like that, another summer had come and gone. It was true, she used to tell Clarke everything, and Clarke would do the same in return. I don’t know how else to explain it.”, “At the very least,” Lexa started. “So are we,” Anya shrugged before she relaxed back into her chair. She reached a little deeper and finally found something useful. Time to enjoy their space, enjoy their beaches, enjoy their local restaurants and haunts, all before the influx of the shoobies was set to arrive at the beachfront rentals in Ocean City. “I don’t blame you. Please consider turning it on! Would you prefer to shop using the. Clarke grabbed her hand and gave it a gentle squeeze, “Yeah.” She nodded, “Let’s go.”. “I’m sorry I disappeared after Nana passed,” Clarke apologized. Spots of rust had eaten away at some of the metal and the once-bright blues and greens had faded to softer pastel shades because of the countless hours it had spent under the Maryland sun, but it was always the chair that Clarke would use from the Woods’ beach locker. A contemplative look casted over her face, “It shouldn’t be too busy around then.”, “Great,” Clarke smiled. Warmth Of The Sun [Import], LP, Canada - Import, Rock, 628055661221 Clarke disappeared on the first person she truly loved. She set the brown bag at a table nearby. “Our Lexa,” Clarke repeated hesitantly. And as sad as she was that another summer had come to its end, she was glad that this particular summer had even happened at all. “So you bought Gus out, huh?” Clarke asked as she took a seat, spreading the blanket out so Lexa could also comfortably take place. “I’m going to miss how serious you can be sometimes.”. She saw the sadness in Clarke’s eyes and saw how they mirrored her own. “Well, isn’t this a sight for sore eyes?” Clarke let out once she knew the other two were within earshot. The surprise in her voice was matched by the look on her face and everything suddenly made sense, “Holy shit, that explains a lot. And she wasn’t wrong. “What’s the issue, Anya?” Clarke suddenly felt the need to to defend herself, her voice was starting to raise. The perfect amount of time for her to pick up a six-pack before strolling into the shack. You can also use it to keep track of your completed quests, recipes, mounts, companion pets, and titles! “It’s so beautiful out tonight,” Clarke let out in a whisper, looking up at the clear sky as they slowed their pace on the uneven sand. “But she was right with everything she said to me. A whirlwind summer of a romance. “Get out of here so you can get ready. “We have all summer long for that.”. Not sure what to expect from Lexa, especially after Anya shared what Lexa had felt, her nerves started to truly kick in. Ever.” She didn’t have to ask Lexa. “Lex, I’ve got it covered,” Echo called out from behind the counter, urging yet again. She looked at her phone for the time and knew Clarke was set to arrive any minute. You might want to proof-read your comments before posting them. “We were kids.”, “Clarke,” Anya shook her head. The solar emanator will be found there. Memories started to flood her mind. She’s not the type to give spoilers.”, “Yeah,” Clarke nodded. But now, especially after her conversation with Anya, she knew that she should have just picked up the phone or taken a drive to the beach. Screenshots containing UI elements are generally declined on sight, the same goes for screenshots from the modelviewer or character selection screen. Clarke relaxed into the embrace and leaned her head onto Lexa’s shoulder. And then nothing. The grimace on her face grew larger with each step Clarke took towards them. “I get that.”. “Skewed logic,” Lexa offered as she finally took a seat. “What time is it?” Lexa interrupted the exchange and turned to Anya. She tugged Lexa down next to her, pulled her arms around her own waist, “But I don’t want it to come either.”, “What are we going to do?” Lexa whispered. “She seriously went into the beach locker and took one of our chairs?” Anya’s voice grabbed Lexa’s attention back. “And I’ll always be protective of Lexa. Lexa finally turned to see where Anya’s gaze had wandered, and realized the disbelief was warranted. “Must be all that butter. The sun will do you some good.”, Lexa turned to face her, hesitant. What happens when two childhood friends, turned lovers, reunite after over a decade? “I’m taking the summer to fix a few things up. “What about before that?”, Lexa shook her head and chuckled, “Before that? “I’ll show you later,” Lexa smirked as she nuzzled her face into Clarke’s neck. That wasn’t kid shit anymore.”, “Fine, so maybe it wasn’t,” Clarke backed down. Work Search: Gus still checks in almost every day, though it’s probably because he’s scared I’ve burnt his place down.”. Echo waved her off with the spatula in her hand. She was thankful the shack was busy when she got back, thankful that she didn’t have to talk about it, “Just dinner.”, “Okay,” Echo was apprehensive. 2. I hate this.”. Clarke Griffin was back, and the familiar gaze that was now being cast in her direction brought a nostalgic swell to her chest. The Wowhead Client is a little application we use to keep our database up to date, and to provide you with some nifty extra functionality on the website! Bathed in Light increases the healing done by 500% for 6 seconds. Just call me if anything comes up.”. “Your place,” Clarke corrected her, removing her hand from her arm and replacing it into Lexa’s palm. You were her first everything and then you disappeared on her.”, “We were seventeen, Anya,” Clarke let out a tired sigh. “I’m going to have to cut to the chase here, Clarke. Solar Emanator: Description The desert nights in Uldum can get awfully cold. “You even remembered my order,” Clarke jokingly batted her lashes, before finally taking a huge bite. “I ambushed her and Anya at the beach earlier.” She slowly looked around as she took in the familiarity of the joint. The desert nights in Uldum can get awfully cold. Kisses were peppered up towards her jawline, onto her mouth. But despite the feelings she was reminded of, being back in such close proximity with Clarke provided a sense of calm and familiarity. “Thanks.”. I still write, for me, and I’m definitely still passionate about it, but apparently there’s more money in selling your soul to the corporate devil. Lexa took Clarke’s lead by reaching into the bag for a drink of her own. The day had dulled as it turned to night. “The other two were gone, so I figured you both would be down here.”, “Yeah, well,” Anya started. “We were kids when we would sneak onto the beach after it closed. “Don’t be an asshole, Clarke,” Anya sighed. Simply browse for your screenshot using the form below. The warmth of the sun was a sure sign that the beginning of summer was on the horizon. Clarke wiped a stray tear that had managed to fall. And I only said it because I’m not sure Lexa ever would. “Plus, I need to put on my Sunday best if I’m going to be eating one of Gus’ lobster rolls tonight.”, “Oh,” Anya laughed. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on “Clarke, I’m sure I’ll be seeing you around. She closed her eyes. And this summer. To let you know that I’d be in town for a while.”. To both of you. I just wanted to find you.”, “A sense of familiarity helps,” Lexa blinked at the admission. “You can head out for the night, Echo. Anya smirked at the knowledge, “Well, the two of us know you better than anyone else. “Let’s just call a spade a spade.”. She slid one towards Lexa before she cracked open her own. “Have the summer rentals not been making it worth it? They wanted to save their words for when they reached their destination, for when Clarke could settle on top of Lexa’s lap and have her arms wrapped around her. If we could borrow some of their expertise, we could use it to keep the egg nice and cozy. “The shoobie princess did go to NYU.” She took another sip before adding, “And hated it. This is is fucking delicious.”. Once they got there, Lexa laid a small blanket down for Clarke to sit on, something she had become accustomed to doing, “I don’t want tomorrow to come.”, “Unless you’ve figured out how to stop time, I don’t think there’s anything we can really do about that, Lex,” Clarke sighed. tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply", 1. “No shoobies,” Clarke grinned, as she held her sandals proudly in the air. “Absolutely,” Lexa offered a genuine smile. I’m boring now.”. Lexa shook her head, “Haven’t spoken to her since the beach. She knew the night had a difficult conversation in store for it, she just didn’t realize retelling this story would be a part of that. “Things changed a lot after you disappeared the way you did.”. They had grown up in the same neighborhood on the outskirts of Drum Point together, their families had always known each other. She was fucking ready to borrow someone’s car just to drive up to New York to make sure you were okay. 4. She took her time, making her way down to the beach locker and enjoying every bit of the familiar walk. It was the best summer they could have imagined having, but time wasn’t on their side. She had spent her earlier summers making a new best friend and the later ones falling in love with her. It took her a second, maybe even two or three, to chew what was in her mouth before she finally let out, “Holy shit, Lex. Time to enjoy their space, enjoy their beaches, enjoy their local restaurants and haunts, all before the influx of the shoobies was set to arrive at the beachfront rentals in Ocean City. Screenshots containing UI elements are generally declined on sight, the same goes for screenshots from the modelviewer or character selection screen.