All parts are untested. 16MM / 3 SCOPITONE MUSICALS - "SWEET GEORGA BROWN" - "OH YEAH!" EARLY ORIGINAL SCOPITONE MOVIE MUSICAL DICK RIVIERAS SINGING SITTING ON DIVING BOARD GIRLS IN WATER BALLET. Morto già alla fine del decennio del 1960, lo Scopitone rivive oggi nelle collezioni di vari appassionati, che raccolgono i video originali dell’epoca. The widened opportunity for creative filmmakers for work will find a legion of compatible collaborations, just as many independent films have long used existing music tracks. Scopitone Archive Scopitone films are the 1960s ancestors of today's music videos. (French Scopitone site), Tresors de Scopitones Arabes, Kabyles et Berberes (in French -- the only article I have seen about Arab Scopitones), "Love Machines: Unwinding the Technology of the Scopitones" by David Serlin, Cabinet Magazine, Spring 2001, Gli Antenati del Videoclip (excellent article in Italian about the history of Cinebox -- courtesy of Michele Bovi), "The Spy Story Of Music Videos" (interesting interview with Michele Bovi about the World War II roots of Cinebox and Scopitone). the 1960s ancestors of today's music Female singer on beach. EXCELLENT USED CONDITION Seven Swingin' SCOPITONE films -- most with little or no title frames, no leader, some scratches and faded color, but all pretty much complete, good sound. They can actually be a lot more helpful than you might realize. videos. The Scopitone may have gone the way of the dinosaur but many remain safely in collectors' hands. At the least, it can remain but mindless electric wallpaper. Measures 8 1/2" X 12 3/4", cone looks good. Number on the top is: A410-361344-00, and below this number is: 1220-1-09. The second film is a black & white Nudie. All films have been spliced together on one metal reel and are in a metal can. A self-driving shuttle has been ferrying customers in Las Vegas for three years. Scopitone Audio-Video Jukebox, #ST-36, in excellent working condition, with 36 films. 16mm Soundie Scopitone Go-Go Dancers. Two French Scopitone films and leader. vintage scopitone JOI LANSING THE SILENCER. Scopitone Film "Save The Last Dance for Me" Maya Casabianca. Dion / Bobby Vee / Nancy Sinatra / Scopitones vhs. The Scopitone Archive is a fascinating site dedicated to 1960s video jukeboxes. The more you and I can shape and form our own developing imagery on the screen, the more valuable the new technology will be. A company produced copy of "Detailed Order Of Operation For French ST36 Scopitone" -- Three typed pages and two schematics. "The Jukebox That Ate the Cocktail Lounge" by Jack Stevenson (the best article in English on the history of Scopitone). Scopitone ST-36 with 36 films. SCOPITONE 16MM "GEORGE MCKELVEY - MY TEENAGE FALLOUT QUEEN". A117 THERE'S A LOT OF TWISTING GOING ON, Vince Taylor. WONDER BOY Lesley Gore (Short title and dirt on the first few feet, but otherwise in nice shape), LOVE FOR SALE Frank Sinatra Jr. (Just a few frames of title and a couple of hairline scratches, but otherwise in nice shape), BECAUSE YOU'RE MINE James Darren (Missing title, but otherwise nice shape). Also included are two Scopitone 16MM films. The Belcourt Theatre in Nashville, Tennessee has what they've termed "the last public Scopitone in America" in its lobby. The operators neglected to tell the relevant authorities what they were doing; two UFO hunters ended up in jail while Loon, a subsidiary of Google holding company Alphabet, smoothed things out.… READ THE REST, Have you ever considered getting a digital voice recorder? 14 French Scopitones (C'est fou to Rita Cadillac, Dibilibilin to Jean Constantin, El Macho to C. Aragon, Dass Susse Leben (german), Ce vieux piano la to P. Vasseur, Black Boy to John William, El emigrante to M. de Murcia, Creole Jazz to C. Luter, Exodus to Rika Zarai, Charleston to Georges Jouvin, Doum Doumba ( No artist), El soldado M. de Murcia, Del Ben la dansair to Georges Seguerel, The Race is On to Joy Miler), 10 French Scopitones (Madison time to Claude Bolling, Le roi du Kansas to Marcel Amont, L'amour est dans ta rue to Dominique, La Cage to M. Helène, Si tu veux que je t'aime to J. Laurence, Ce vieux piano la to P. Vasseur, Douchas gracias to Gloria Lasso, La Tricontada to A. Thivet, Letkiss to M. Michelson, La Java de l'Avarenne to Aimable), "BOOTS RANDOLPH" (unknown title) and #S1045, "GALE GARNETT" singing "Where Do You Go To Go Away? 16mm Scopitone Soundie Spanish Male and female dancers. 16MM SCOPITONE BARBARA McNAIR IRMA LA DOUCE. The coin-operated machines were quite popular but were swept into the dustbin of dead media by the 1970s. Color is turning. 16mm / SCOPITONE MUSICAL / Aua Na Guila "Hava Na Guila.". An original, 8 1/2 X 11 color six-page folding brochure in perfect condition. Les Gams -- "We Girls (Oui Les Filles)" -- A-169. Who will be eaten first? In many cases, what was filmed didn't seem to make sense in the context of the song- for example, Dion singing "Ruby Baby" while seated in the cockpit of an obviously stationary airplane on a runway or Dionne Warwick singing "Walk on By" while lying seductively on a white bear rug. The first form these visuals take will no doubt resemble concert film footage and what we have seen on the Scopitone Super-8 cartridge juke boxes. Coin slot which says "quarter" and the selection switch panel for a French Model ST36 scopitone, Main drive motor for a French Model ST36 Scopitone, Power supply for a French Model ST36 Scopitone, Front panel for the French Scopitone Model ST36, Transformer and capicator for the French Scopitone Model ST36, Box of 10 16mm film spools for the French Scopitone ST36. "The Redemption of Clem Sacco," article by Michele Bovi about Cinebox star Clem Sacco in Italian and in English. Scopitone poster for Frankie Randall Appearing in Yellow Haired Woman, 35" x 12". Also included is a full reel of leader. 16mm SCOPITONE PASO CHA CHA SINGING IN ARCADE. CAKE WALKING BABY. Later, she covered Gale Garnett's "We'll Sing in the Sunshine.". In order to keep this blog alive, aside from the time invested in studying and writing, I face considerable maintenance expenses. The recording industry is quite interested in the laser scan system, because of the durability factor and greater possible quality and range of audio information. Much improved from the 1939 version, the Scopitone played color films and, like a conventional jukebox, the customer was able to choose which video to watch, instead of whatever was conveniently loaded on the machine. 16mm Scopitone Soundie Ruby Ruby. A Blog by Ivan Cenzi [youtube=]. A brief description of the other six films: (2) Western Town; (3) Mighty Mississippi, a showboat theme; (4) Pretty Girl Contest; (5) Beach & Bikinis with girl singer; (6) Train Station, Locomotive and Clown; (7) The Race Is On, girls supposed to be ponies at racetrack. ", scopitone de p.vassilu filme par lelouch, "la femme du sergent. Gert Almind's Danish Jukebox Archives, which contains a wealth of information in English about jukeboxes of all types. There is already talking about the adding of a vision track to future record releases. It's a few years old and I no longer have a computer with a CD tray, but I enjoyed this guide to removing ham from optical drives all the same. craze spread throughout Europe (particularly in West Germany and Scopitone poster for Princess Leilani Appearing in Smouldering Drums, 35" x 12". They run the gamut, from the Exciters singing “Tell Him” to the Kessler Sisters, blond twins who were regulars on European variety shows and whose Scopitone is a grandiose exercise in Teutonic kitsch. L'aventure Scopitone 1957-1983: Histoire des precurseurs du videclip by Jean-Charles Scagnetti. Partial list: Other Side of the Tracks - Barbara McNair *The Night Has A Thousand Eyes - Bobby Vee *Pussycat A Go-Go - Stacy Adams *Cabaret *I've Got The World On A String *Drum Chant *Africa Ablaze *Spanish Bull Fight *Prime of My Life - Billy Eckstine. Part 3 focuses on Scopitone. Corrections and additions are very welcome. 16MM / SCOPITONE MUSICAL / 16MM / SCOPITONE MUSICAL / "L'Argent Me Fait Pas Le Bonheur" - performed by The Parisiennes. Scopitone film number AGB-4 "Tell Him" by The Exciters. If you enjoy my work you can donate through PayPal: all the donations will be strictly used in connection to the blog’s activities, such as bibliographical research, website maintenance and management, etc. Parts consist of NOS set of American Scopitone Parts and Literature. "Big Jeanie" -- If "Big" is your bag, this film is for you. From the Scopitone Archive: Like Soundies (the films made for the Mills Panoram film jukebox in the 1940s), Cinebox films were printed so that the image is projected backwards when shown on a normal 16mm projector. Very good condition. Come una sorta di juke-box dotato di schermo, permetteva di visualizzare un filmato assieme alla musica di una canzone. license except where otherwise noted. Il blog BIZZARRO BAZAR, amministrato da Ivan Cenzi, è registrato sotto Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 . 16MM SCOPITONE SHOW BOAT DIXIE BELLE HARM-EE. 16mm SCOPITONE - BELLY DANCER - Color warm. But in spite of the seemingly static nature of these artists, the resulting videos were visually stunning, if not mystifying with their direction. Ain't That Just Like Me?, by "The Condors". big "heart" with a group of people. [1], Error creating thumbnail: Unable to save thumbnail to destination, The demystification of audio-visual hegemony, Towards an audio-visual hegemony: Remediation and the “obvious”, The Using a 16mm camera that had been used by the French Air Force for reconnaissance flights, they converted it into a 16mm projector. The parts consist of a NOS set of Drive Belts, Fourteen Reel Friction Corks, Three Nylon Film Rollers, Carousel Selection Solenoid, Carousel Drive Wheel and a "Make Selection Capacitor". Also with these two films, He was not one of the leisure-suited swells pictured in the Scopitone advertisements of the day. Tesla head Elon Musk says beta testing on… READ THE REST. With random sequencing, chroma-keving and phasing, etc., it would translate audio signals into visual patterns much as a cybernetic color organ. The first film (1) is titled "Just A Dream" and sung by Marian Montgomery. "I've Got The World On A String", Donna Theodore "Femininity", Merle Kilgore "Five Card Stud", James Darren "Because You're Mine" (a few holes punched in this one), Kay Starr "Around The World", George and Teddy Condor "Just Like Me", a combo at poolside provide the accompaniment as a bunch of groovy guys and bikinied babes demonstrate practically every dance craze of the era. Tag Archives: scopitone Scopitone. If you decide to buy a record of Sonny and Cher’s songs, you will jolly well see the pair doing their things, much as on the TV show. Scopitone 12"X11.5" Hit of the Month Poster. THE LEADER IS MISSING. The soundtrack is also printed in a non-standard manner, with the result that the sound lags behind the image by about half a second when projected on a normal 16mm projector. An illustration of a magnifying glass. Scopitone Operating Manual for ST36 and 450 (Koehler book). Color is turning. Scopitones and Cineboxes were first introduced in Europe in 1959-1960 and came to … 16mm Soundie Scopitone Hondell's "Sea Cruise." The audio quality of TV would finally be raised to stereophonic high-fidelity, improving the level and range of broadcast material. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising SOME BAD SPOTS AT END OF FILM. Above waist frontal nudity of a "Cave Woman", who is harrassed by two "Cave Men". SCOPITONE 16MM - TIJUANA TAXI - HERB ALPERT. The coin-sized device is implanted beneath the creature's skull. Scopitomania (in French) Gert Almind's Danish Jukebox Archives, which contains a wealth of information in English about jukeboxes of all types. 16mm / 3 SCOPITONE MUSICALS / 60's Soundies.