The use of the term "powerslam" usually refers to the front powerslam or the scoop powerslam. C'est Rip Rogers, un des entraîneurs de l'OVW qui est à l'origine de ce personnage qu'il teste tout d'abord dans des house shows[5],[6]. And he might have notched his first career triple-double if not for the fact that he sat out the entire fourth quarter (along with the rest of OKC’s starting lineup) after helping Oklahoma City put the game out of striking distance. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. The wrestler lift the opponent in front of them in a side powerslam position. This move is often erroneously described as a moonsault ura-nage slam. Undertaker almost eliminated Kane with a tombstone piledriver but was distracted when Austin returned to the arena, driving a backhoe loader causing Undertaker to drop his brother in confusion. En 2004, la World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) demande à Dinsmore d'apparaître à la télévision pour incarner Eugene, le cousin handicapé mental d'Eric Bischoff qui rêve de devenir catcheur[3]. In another variation, the wrestler can also stay standing and body slam the opponent onto the mat, this is typically called a standing side slam. The name uranage (or ura-nage) comes from a Judo throw which, translated directly from Japanese, means "throw to behind/back" and is commonly (albeit incorrectly) used to refer to a regular side slam in pro wrestling. Share to iMessage. [1], On September 28, Owen Hart (kayfabe) broke Dan Severn's neck with a piledriver. Learn how and when to remove this template message,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 3 October 2020, at 12:01. By the time replacement referee Tim White made it to the ring Rock was able to kick out, doing the same after a double-armed DDT. Portland held Cleveland to 37 percent field goal shooting, and the Cavaliers made just 3 of 24 three-pointers while turning the ball over 24 times. The wrestler then lifts the opponent up so they are horizontal across the wrestler's body. This move is the second most common version of a powerslam and is often referred to as simply a "powerslam". The wrestler swings the opponent's legs to the opposite side before sitting down and slamming the opponent's back to the mat. Il y incarne un handicapé mental cousin d'Eric Bischoff. The wrestler lifts the opponent up so they are horizontal across the wrestler's body, then falls forward to slam the opponent against the mat back-first. But Los Angeles out-rebounded the Grizz 53-34, Andrew Bynum delivered a 15-15 double-double and Steve Blake made 3 threes off the bench (13 points). From this position, the attacking wrestler then sits down and simultaneously flips the opponent forwards and downwards, slamming them down to the ground face-first to one side. Commissioner Shawn Michaels gave Mankind a match for the title when he revealed that his ties to The Corporation were not as secure as initially thought. Goldust positioned Jarrett for Shattered Dreams and while Debra tried to distract Goldust from doing it, she actually distracted the referee allowing Goldust to perform the illegal move. The wrestler then lifts the opponent upside down, as in a vertical suplex. Il signe un contrat avec la WWE en 2002 mais reste à l'OVW jusqu'en 2004. Kobe Bryant dropped 26 points and 9 dimes to lead the Lake Show to a sixth straight home win (0-4 on the road). Rubio had 14 assists and 13 points, enough to make a izards fan bang their head against the wall when you consider how he ended up in Minnesota. This move is the second most common version of a powerslam and is often referred to as simply a "powerslam". The wrestler keeps the hold and slams the opponent to the opposite corner as well. Then, the opponent is spun over onto their back while keeping the opponent horizontal across the wrestler's body at all times. The Blazer began to regularly interfere in matches, using moves that were associated with Hart and eventually Blackman caught up with The Blue Blazer backstage, trying to rip off his mask and prove that it was Hart. To perform it, an attacking wrestler stands slightly behind and facing the side of a standing opponent. Despite taking an enziguiri, Edge managed to clamp Snow's leg so that he could tag in Gangrel but still isolate Snow. A variety of repeated attacks continued to occur, with The Blazer attacking Blackman, or Blackman attacking The Blazer only for Hart to use this as a distraction to further beat Blackman until on December 7 he officially came out of retirement to meet Blackman at the event.[2]. A sitout variant is used by CaZXL as the East River Crossing. When Terri Runnels revealed she was pregnant, Val Venis admitted to having a vasectomy and disowned her, aligning himself with The Godfather by virtue of his pimp gimmick. Wrestlers often run forward as they slam, a move popularized by The British Bulldog who used it as his finishing move. Two notable users of this move are Randy Orton and Samoa Joe. Mankind won his first WWF Championship on the January 4 episode of Raw by defeating The Rock in the main event thanks to interference by Stone Cold Steve Austin. It is used by Keith Lee as the Big Bang Catastrophe. Share to Tumblr. The wrestler then performs a backwards somersault (moonsault) while holding the victim, driving the opponent into the mat back-first. The wrestler then reaches around the opponent's torso with their near arm across the opponent's chest and under both arms and the other arm under the opponent's legs. Another variation is the elevated position: the wrestler puts the opponent into a front powerslam, then jumps off either the second or third turnbuckle, driving the opponent into a typical Emerald Flowsion position. by SLAM Staff January 09, 2012. The most common powerslam variation, it is also often referred to simply as a "powerslam". This move was invented and named by Bill Watts. John Wall must hate his life (and shooting 3-for-10 with 10 points doesn’t help, but he did go hammer to the hoop once). [3], The next match involved The New Age Outlaws defending their WWF Tag Team Championship against The Corporation being represented by (Big Boss Man and Ken Shamrock) (with Shawn Michaels) in their corner. From this position, the wrestler falls forward to slam the opponent against the mat back-first. Copy embed to clipboard. Hart followed this with a DDT but when he tried a flying move, Blackman was able to side step him and lock Hart in his own move, the Sharpshooter. Post Up: Rock Bottom. The move was used by Paul Burchill and John Morrison, both of whom called the move C-4. Most notably, they challenged Insane Clown Posse to a match but the two asked The Oddities to substitute for them before the Posse attacked Oddities and helped The Headbangers win. This name is an incorrect Americanization of the name for ura-nage, which, translated directly from Japanese, means "throw to behind". He did use a sitout variant, which he called the Shouten Kai. A one-armed variation is also possible, usually performed on smaller wrestlers. Last edited on 10 September 2020, at 12:08,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, (c) – refers to the champion(s) heading into the match, This page was last edited on 10 September 2020, at 12:08. The wrestler then reaches under the near arm of the opponent, across the chest of the opponent and under their far arm, while placing their other hand on the back of the opponent to hold them in place. The wrestler then pushes the opponent upwards before turning and transitioning into a side slam, so the opponent is dropped from an elevated position. The main match on the undercard was for the WWF Championship between The Rock and Mankind. After the match Commissioner Michaels came to the ring to send Jarrett to the back and ostensibly oversee Goldust stripping. The final match was a Buried Alive match between Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Undertaker for the right to compete in the 1999 Royal Rumble Match. The wrestler then runs to the middle of the ring and falls down forward, driving the opponent back-first into the mat. Jacqueline had also been ditched by her partner Marc Mero and so she formed Pretty Mean Sisters with Runnels, putting their needs first and ostensibly being seduced by Mark Henry. The wrestler lifts the opponent across their shoulders in a fireman's carry, grabs their right leg and pushes it up, and positions their torso across the wrestler's abdomen. Props to Pete for writing us through a crazy weekend of games. It has erroneously been translated as "reverse side throw". The fall-forward variation was popularized by The Rock, who called it the Rock Bottom. Dinsmore se met ensuite à faire des shows à Sioux dans le Dakota du Sud sous la bannière de la Midwest All Pro Wrestling. And how about this nugget from the AP recap: “The Suns beat the Bucks in Phoenix for the 24th straight time, the NBA’s second-longest active streak behind San Antonio’s 27 wins in a row at home over Golden State.” For perspective, Jennings was not yet born the last time Milwaukee won in PHX (1987). The kneeling variation was performed by Booker T who calls it the Book End. Goldust was taken all the way down to the mat before finding the power to stand up with enough momentum to back drop Jarrett. Ils deviennent champion par équipes du Sud de l'OVW à huit reprises[3]. A powerslam is a professional wrestling body slam move in which the wrestler performing the slam falls face-down on top of the opponent. Line of the Night: KD’s 21 points (5-9 FG, 10-10 FT), 10 rebounds, 7 assists in only 29 minutes. The Oddities had come to the ring with Insane Clown Posse, who sung their entrance theme at the time and when The Headbangers came to the ring, they joined in dancing with the stable. The wrestler then falls forward, slamming the opponent down on their back in a front powerslam. The wrestler then falls forward, either flat on their chest or into a kneeling position, and forces the opponent back-first onto the mat. Blackman brought him back into the ring to deliver a snap suplex and a backbreaker before locking an Indian crossbow hold. Then, the opponent is spun over onto their back while keeping the opponent horizontal across the wrestler's body at all times. Similarly when Mark Henry was tagged in, he was thrown around the ring and received the Ho Train from Godfather. The wrestler moves their arm from around the opponent's neck, and as the opponent falls back down, they are placed into a side slam position and dropped on the mat.