One Piece Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. The Monday family has been offered $1 million for the flag, but to them it’s priceless, said Barbara. "Maybe I was thinking about the drill instructors from boot camp. That afternoon, the Cubs were playing the Dodgers in Los Angeles. I'm not sure what I was thinking, except I was angry and I started to run after them. Then I saw one of them had something cradled under his arm, which was the American flag. I owe you the time to get you an answer but as I've said before you might not always like the answer, but I still owe you an answer. "The next thing Monday knew, the two stopped in left-center field, unfurled the flag, took a can of lighter fluid out and doused the flag. Spent the time to ask me a question. Although Rick was not part of the trip, he spoke to some Combat Center Marines over the phone. Statistics Tearoom Pirates[1] I didn't know if it was on fire or not, but I did know one of the guys was not a [baseball prospect]. Affiliations: Tracy Ringolsby is a columnist for He lived with his "Crew Family", traveling the sea along side his father. He wears a gray V-neck with a blue rim and blue selves. "We do have security, because there are two groups who are still trying to get hold of the flag for a demonstration," said Monday. Rick Monday will forever have a special place in baseball history. Although Rick was not part of the trip, he spoke to some Combat Center Marines over the phone. Radio broadcaster and former Dodger outfielder Rick Monday threw the ceremonial first pitch on the 40th anniversary of the day he saved an American flag from being burned at Dodger Stadium. "What I knew was what they were doing was wrong then, and it's wrong today," said Monday. It was reaction, not a thought-out plan. His older sister, Rosa, tried to discouraged their belief in him, causing Rick to doubt his father. And it was for something that doesn’t show up in the box score. He is the son of Papa, the younger brother of Rosa, and the older brother of Daisy. But he will always be best known for saving the flag. Former United States Marine Rick Monday may have spent 19 seasons in the majors as a professional baseball player and cemented another legacy as a popular broadcaster for the Los … Movie 6[1] More of Monday's … "The flag represents the rights and freedoms we all enjoy in this country. He was the first player selected in the first Draft in June 1965.And Monday is best, DENVER -- Rick Monday played 19 seasons in the big leagues, made two All-Star squads, appeared in the World Series two times and was a member of the Dodgers' 1981 World Series championship team. He became the first player picked in the MLB Draft era when the Kansas City Athletics selected him with the first overall … "The crowd reaction was rewarding. ", Monday said the crowd suddenly began to sing "God Bless America. "To recognize the action he took 40 years ago, when he was a member of the visiting Cubs, Monday will be recognized on the field at Dodger Stadium prior to Monday night's game against the Marlins during a ceremony in which the very flag that Monday saved will be displayed for the fans. While he spent his final eight seasons playing with the Dodgers and is now a member of L.A.'s broadcast team, back then, Monday was playing center field with the Cubs.Just as the fourth inning began, two guys jumped over the left-field fence. The centerfielder for the Cubbies that afternoon?