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It is simply terrible. Your email address will not be published. [142], The return of Constantine I and Sophia to Athens on 19 December 1920, was accompanied by large demonstrations of joy.

She (alas!) You can search for royalty-related items - or anything else - by using this link. In fact, a heated argument between the two young women erupted after Alice sent, without requesting permission from Sophia, nurses dependent on the Crown Princess to Thessaloniki. If Christoph was placed in Category I or II, his property was subject to seizure by the state. [82] From 1912, however, the couple became noticeably separated.

In the confusion of the event, Sophia saved her youngest daughter, Princess Katherine, and ran over 2 km.

So the King had no particular desire to bring the country into war, thus he became a staunch supporter of neutrality, because that was what suited Germany's interests most. [125], After crossing the Ionian Sea and Italy, Sophia and her family settled in Switzerland, mainly between the cities of St. Moritz, Zürich and Lucerne. Christoph moved around North Africa for a while before being told to evacuate in May 1943.

The decision of Alexander I to marry Aspasia Manos rather than a European princess, displeased both the Head of the government and the King's parents.

Although initially opposed to Alexander's marriage with Aspasia Manos, the Queen welcomed their daughter with delight and pressed both her husband and eldest son to give her granddaughter the status and titles reserved to members of the royal family. Queen Sofia has fifteen first cousins. [56][60] In the space of seven months Sophia lost two of her closest relatives. [67], In December 1909, Colonel Zorbas, head of the Military League, pressured George I to appointed him Head the government in place of Prime Minister Kyriakoulis Mavromichalis. Sophie and Margarita attended the funeral at St George’s Chapel. Prince Heinrich of Hanover is a historian and publisher. [32], Sophia took a trip to Germany with her husband for the occasion of the wedding of her sister Viktoria to Prince Adolf of Schaumburg-Lippe, in November 1890, and personally announced to her brother her intentions to change her religion. Sophie later wrote, “There were staff of different nationalities. Dimitrios Gounaris, successor of Venizelos as Prime Minister, proposed the intervention of his country in the conflict in exchange for the protection of the Allies against an eventual attack of Bulgaria. The German-Bulgarian troops then proceeded to occupy most of eastern Macedonia without resistance, resulting in the massacre of the there Greek population. His wounds quickly became infected and he suffered from a strong fever and sepsis. He was banished from Greece, and he gathered the family from Corfu where Alice had hurriedly packed a few belongings. It was in this difficult context that Sophie was christened the following month, though all the men present were in uniform, as France had declared war on Prussia. Quickly, the two fell in love and got officially engaged on 3 September 1888. Sophia therefore redoubled her efforts to help the poor.

Paternal First Cousins: Children of Princess Helen of Greece and King Carol of Romania. The couple had two sons and divorced. I saw her trying them on the other day.

He was allowed on leave for the month of June, and he took the opportunity to write a will at Kronberg. In June 1941, he was transferred to the Eastern front. For details, see: In addition to withdrawing their troops from, Alice and Sophia were first cousins once removed in descent from Queen Victoria; Alice's mother, In 1909, a fire destroyed a large part of the, King Constantine I was the first-cousin of Tsar. Her brother Emperor William II was indeed an ally of the Ottoman Empire and openly opposed the construction of the Megali Idea, which could establish a Greek state that would encompass all ethnic Greek-inhabited areas. The preparations of Sophie's wedding were "hardly a surprising development considering the funeral atmosphere that prevailed at the home of her widowed mother". However, the Triple Entente, although eager to form an alliance with them, refused the agreement. Weakened by all these events, Constantine I became seriously ill after this crisis. After Welf’s death, his daughter was brought to England by her grandparents so she could have a normal education. But life in Greece was often monotonous and Sophia lamented for any company, save only for the wives of the tobacco sellers. Sofia’s paternal grandparents were King Constantine I of Greece and Princess Sophie of Prussia. The legendary marriage of the Princess Cecilie of Greece and Denmark took place on 2nd February 1931 at Darmstadt. Moniek On 19 October, he became delirious and called out for his mother at his bedside. Thank you so much for the pleasure!

In 1923, the four girls once again acted as bridesmaids, this time for the wedding of Lady Louise Mountbatten to the future King Gustaf VI Adolf of Sweden. [30] Less than nine months after her marriage, on 19 July 1890, the Crown Princess gave birth to her first child, a slightly premature son who was named George after his paternal grandfather. [d] They were third cousins in descent from Paul I of Russia, and second cousins once removed through Frederick William III of Prussia. Princess Sophie of Greece and Denmark (Greek: Σοφία; 26 June 1914 – 24 November 2001[1][2]) was the fourth child and youngest daughter of Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark and Princess Alice of Battenberg.

Although there was apparently no question of officially denying the request, the British government advised the king that it would be of dubious "propriety" to give royal assent to his cousin's application. Theodora was born on 30 May 1906 at Tatoi Palace. [44][45], The couple was very close to other members of the royal family, especially Prince Nicholas. He wrote to his mother, “We are all terribly excited about the elections.

On 20 April 1931, she married Gottfried, Prince of Hohenlohe-Langenburg. [101] The Queen was also suspected to be the power behind the throne, given Constantine's gradual physical collapse and habitual apathy and irresolution: various sources from Greece from that period (even Royalist sources, whose diaries, journals and extensive correspondence have been a subject of great stuady in Greece) mention that Sophia used to hide behind a curtain in her husband's apartments during Cabinet meetings and private audiences with the King, in order to be informed on the state of affairs, a continued situation which served to alienate herself more and more from Greek populace. [18] Knowing that her three youngest daughters were more dependent on her than ever for emotional support, the now-Dowager Empress Frederick remained close to them: "I have my three sweet girls - he loved so much - that are my consolation". After this, the king congratulated both the Minister of War and General Dousmanis. Nevertheless, the King and Queen were far from losing their support in the country. [129], With the end of World War I and the signing of the Treaties of Neuilly and Sèvres, the Kingdom of Greece achieved significant territorial gains in Thrace and Anatolia.

In one month, the princesses collected 80,000 garments for the military and gathered around them doctors, nurses and medical equipment. She attended Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, Canada and remained in Canada. They spent their free time practicing botany, which was their common passion, and transformed the gardens of the New Royal Palace[o] on the English model. The new Prime Minister Dimitrios Rallis, therefore asked Dowager Queen Olga to assume the regency until the return of her son, on 19 December 1920.

Fixes it to three years. They had access to the highest ranks of the Nazi party, and they were both enthusiastic. Between December 1916 and February 1917, the Queen, who had long been less germanophile than her husband, sent several telegrams to her brother asking when the troops of the Centrals would be able to intervene in Macedonia. They demanded the abdication of Constantine I and the dissolution of the Hellenic Parliament. But the birth went wrong and the umbilical cord was wrapped around the baby's neck, almost choking him. On 30 October 1922 the deposed royal couple, Princesses Irene and Katherine and Prince Nicholas with his family, went again to the port of Oropos to leave their country.
Above all, sixteen (or eighteen, depending on sources) soldiers and other members of the palace staff were killed. The population officially protested against the transfer of the Serbian army to Corfu and then to Thessaloniki. King Michael of Romania, also known as Mihai, was King of Romania twice, from 1927 – 1930, and then from 1940 – 1947, when the monarchy was abolished. Several members of the royal family, including Constantine I himself, were wounded and the residence of the rulers was largely destroyed by the fire, which lasted for forty-eight hours.

While the Diadochos and his brothers took command of Greek troops,[77] Queen Olga, Sophia, and her sisters-in-law (Marie Bonaparte, Elena Vladimirovna of Russia and Alice of Battenberg) took in charge the aid to wounded soldiers and refugees. However, the health of both her mother and English grandmother deeply concerned her. The princess did receive from the Kingdom of Prussia a dowry of 50,000, Sophia's conversion was probably motivated because she was obliged to do so under, The Emperor and his wife considered that Sophia's conversion was responsible for the premature birth of their son. She was a godmother to their son, Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex. Still, the situation became even more difficult. Theodora was now the last of the sisters left unmarried. Margarita was next to marry. Oh, darling if only you were here! [52][53], In these difficult conditions, Constantine and Sophia choose to live some time abroad. He was incensed and went crazy sitting inside all day. Margarita and Theodora were left in the care of their grandmother in England, while Alice took the younger three siblings to Paris into the care of Andrew’s sister-in-law Princess Marie Bonaparte, the wife of Prince George of Greece and Denmark. She made frequent trips to Germany, where she reunited with her sister Margaret, but also to Great Britain, after having obtained the permission of King George V.[172] The Dowager Queen also witnessed several strong moments in the life of the European elite. Sophie was also a great-great-granddaughter of Queen Victoria, through descent from Victoria's second daughter, Alice, Grand Duchess of Hesse. General Siegfried Taubert made an unannounced visit to Sophie in November 1943 to “sniff around” on the orders of Heinrich Himmler. He made a second marriage to Katherine Moreton. 0. Moniek At this point it has to be mentioned that Constantine I was a great Germanophile; he had been educated in Germany, almost been raised as a German and admired immensely the Kaiser, who was his brother-in-law. To mark their reconciliation, Emperor William II also appointed Sophia as Honorary Commander of the 3rd regiment of the Imperial Guard. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. [citation needed]. [21] Sophia's body was buried at the royal burial ground at Tatoi Palace, where she still rests today. However, it was during the wars which Greece faced during the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century that Sophia showed the most social activity: she founded field hospitals, oversaw the training of Greek nurses, and healed wounded soldiers. [35][41], Throughout her life in Greece, Sophia was actively involved in social work and helping the underprivileged.

On 16 October 1969, her sister Theodora died quite suddenly, followed by her mother on 5 December 1969 at Buckingham Palace.