All Rights Reserved. Some people easily gravitate to positive people with good boundaries, people who are kind, generous, and compassionate. Focus and fix your eyes on the back of their neck, thinking that you want them to turn around and look at you. Even if we are perceiving a "wrongness" of some sort, our faith and love The response will be immediate. I appreciate all readers and comments…It is so important to me that human beings begin in large numbers to look inward for happiness and peace, and to treat self and one another with compassion. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. In Tarot Healer, Leeza Robertson leads us through an exploration of our chakras, with assistance from tarot. A loving relationship can be an oasis in uncertain times, but nurturing it requires attention, honesty, openness, vulnerability, and gratitude. © 2020. Here’s an example: “If Tommy truly loves me,” claims Amy, “he’ll insist on driving me to see my Aunt Betty when she gets home from her trip, even if I tell him not to worry about it.” According to Amy’s line of reasoning, if Tommy fails the test, he “proves” he really doesn’t love her. Telepathy is the act of communicating with someone in a way that transcends words. In your head, start thinking about the things you would like to tell your soulmate. Have you ever noticed that you often meet the important people in your life at just the right moment? They attract a certain type of "love energy," which facilitates the reciprocal transmission of thoughts—whether you want it or not. Can True Love Create a Telepathic Connection? Relationships also reveal our talents and help us to help others. that of love, the accuracy of our perceptions is enhanced. heart of our loved one. In solitude, I am in fact, connected to all of the experience of life. You already have an energetic connection to all of your soulmates. It can happen that we are using mental telepathy reading our loved one's subconscious or unconscious thoughts. things that we encounter so often on the spiritual path. between each of us, these perceptions sharpen. It works! This is part of the omnipotence of Spirit. ( Log Out /  Although the concept may "ring a bell" for our partner when You sense when they’re being untruthful. The Obvious Answer Isn’t Always Right. State your wishes, hopes, and desires openly and clearly. You often find telepathy in love relationships. When we have a telepathic connection with someone, we can typically see through that mask and vice-versa. In essence, this is Susie’s false and self-defeating belief; “John should just know what I want. She had thought of the same, but not with me: she was with her best friend in bed. Heal yourself You will also notice changes within yourself when you use love therapy. But the reality is that even deep love and caring do not bestow telepathic abilities. The study and development of the skill necessary to function as a spiritual medium facilitating communication between the worlds of spirit and the living. It is not intended to be a substitute for help from a qualified health professional. Awareness is more than what we physically sense. Join us for our first Llewellyn Virtual Author Forum! What is telepathic attraction? Most of us wear masks in our day to day lives. and browse our archives. merma0499 May 20, 2013 at 6:12 pm Reply. Thank you for your thoughtful and very well-written post. This phenomenon is called spontaneous telepathy. All Rights Reserved, Please let us know you're real by solving the math problem below. Both personally and as a counselor Alternative Health & Self-Help, and more. You’ll know when you come across a soulmate. Fernando, 28, says: "I experienced telepathy once, but it was a very sad time for me. One day I got home with a bottle of champagne I bought for a special romantic dinner I was planning on cooking, as a starter for a special night of love and lust, of course. It really takes an incredible amount of effort to deny we are all intuitive as well and as often as we do. this possibility at their own peril in interpersonal relationships. ESP EXPLAINED. Monthly newsletter featuring informative tarot articles, useful tips, hot new releases, and special sales offers.