Reminder: Other Balance robes of interest are listed in the next tab. Prior to starting the fight, load up all the toughs into your sideboard, then head into combat. For balanced decks, we prioritize a triangle socket, critical, and max copies. Continue this until you’ve used all the toughs in your sideboard and all you are drawing is your pumped-up sandstorms. Wizard is a pretty long game, and if you value your time, starting a game over to essentially fight most of the same bosses and pay for it seemed stupid to me(Keep in mind I started playing when all of the worlds were created and levels weren’t capped at 50 and Zafaria wasn’t the last world). Sandstorm We are the first school to get a spell that damages all enemies. Check wizard101 Spellements guide! 'Unkenzeh'n und Augen vom Molch, Fledermauszahn und ein rostiger Dolch.'. Every class has there crown jewel of a spell and this is ours, good in any situation regardless of how many pips you have, ready at a moments notice. Continuing from my level 120+ gear guides, these are dedicated exclusively to level 130+ wizards. When using universal traps (hex, feint), know that the trap only works on the first attack of the three. Reminder: Other Balance hats of interest are listed in the next tab. Adding Tough to a Hydra splits the 75 points evenly between the 3 heads, for a boost to around 220 per head. The Spectral Minion, just like Spectral Blast, is a mini-game of chance. This is a practice that I endorse.

This is a great link by Saffron Skycatcher on where to find what snack to craft. If you play a small deck (what I reccomend even in boss fights) one is plenty. Reminder: Other Balance rings of interest are listed in the next tab. This amulet also has more piercing that any of the others, so if that's what you're after, this might be the choice for you.

Wizard101 Best Level 130 Balance Gear . Many player have indicated they will use the spreadsheets to calculate the damage for Judgement so they know exactally how many pips it requires to dispatch the enemy. If you do only pack one, be sure to remember that when you play reshuffle it will then be put to the bottom of your draw deck. This should allow you to get a shot off by round 3 that kills almost any mob in the game. Balance is the red headed step child of Ravenwood. Power Play Beware of Power Play! Fire is okay for shield breaking, the fire elf for 2 pips to clear the way for a Judgement but that would rule out the use of feint and hex. That way you are not struggling to make time to cast it when you really need it. The Spooky Bats Bundle is now

This is even across the board so should be “fair” in comparison. The damage is 220/head. It was used in the second sample build since the objective is to show the max damage you can achieve while maintaining 100% critical. Treasure Cards, Your Sideboard and You!

Doch auch im Alleingang sind sie nicht zu unterschätzen: Sie werden mit den Resistenzen der meisten Monster fertig und sind in der Lage, sich zu verstärken und sogar ein wenig zu heilen.
The range of available wands has increased significantly with the introduction of new packs and bundles.äche/21-die-schule-der-balance/, Created a Balance Wizard not too long ago…ad.php?t=32071, Another discussion about character Building at lower levels. It gives you several suggestions for a “well-rounded” build. This is much more important now that the CL mobs are so aggressive and crank out damage fast. This set up did take coordination with the storm wiz. Drops from: The Rat & Scorpion, Titan Trident's Chest. Jump to: navigation, search. While Judgement is a one-target spell, the versatility is likewise very valuable. Venture into Tartarus for this athame! Spooky Bats Bundle!

He casts Elemental Shield, Elemental Trap, Balance Blade, Weakness, Donate Power, Locust Swarm, and on the rare occasion, Sandstorm. Have a larger target, blade and wait to accumulate 4-5 pips.


Look for rank 5 snacks at Bazaar. Then there's the bonus energy and fishing luck built in. Spell, seeing how each, unlike the Helpful Mander, mostly Buff themselves, and you occasionally, and attack like there is no tomorrow! I have neglected Judgement and Hydra lately but I’m going to give them another go with some newfound tricks and enchants. Have a larger target, blade and wait to accumulate 4-5 pips.

That will save you from having to redo the math every time. The wiki is assembling all of the pets Traits and records them for our reference pleasure. Donate glitch has been fixed! Other members of the Balance community recommend the following use of training points: – Life up to (only) Legend Shield – Fire up to Glacial Shield, which includes fire elf. It has the (52) preupdate Hydra and both versions of the (53) Hydra. Skyvern’s Hoard Pack (Retired) & Spellemental Skyvern Pack, Darkwraith’s Shroud of Penance (Level 120+). We consider the gear listed below the best for a max level Balance Wizard if you are: If you are questing in a group and playing a support role (i.e., buffing the wizard that is going to hit and/or healing) or if you are playing a very defensive PvP strategy, we assume you are more interested in global resist and outgoing healing. Glorious Avenger’s Armor has 3% more damage than the Virtuous Light Brigade Armor. }); Last updated 6/13/2020 (added minor update of Undersea Enchantment Boots), Recommended Damage, Critical & Balanced (damage & critical focus), Recommended Damage, Critical & Balanced (accuracy focus), Alternative Balanced (health, pierce & damage), Alternative Balanced (with Block & Pierce), Alternative Balanced (with one less Circle Jewel slot). Here are the best stat-boosting mounts available for your wizard. If you don't have any of the other mounts or could use a little bonus to push you up to 100% accuracy, this could be the mount option for you. The good news for Balance is that since their Ghulture only gives 2% damage (though it is universal), they can swap it out for the Battle Havox or Battle Narwhal from bundles to avoid having to spend on packs for the extra damage.

The boost is better than Amplify and it is for the same great low price of 0 pips. Each minion is like a D.O.T.

Most mobs up until CL do not cast a judge that is more then 2 pips (200 damage).
Thats a lot of replay time invested into a game at what cost? If the next shadow spell for balance is a bladestorm of shadow blades I might smash something. For full information on screenshots, follow the link on the item for credits within individual guides. Prepare! The Rat and Scorpion battle is a lot of fun and there are likely plenty of people still farming, so feel free to jump in on that and try for the best deck available for Balance wizards! This Darkmoor staple is still one of the most well-rounded pieces of gear available and best overall options for your wizard. You deafeat Mobs very quickly this way. Which, you know, for a Balance wizard, would be an appropriate thing to do. MLHagan, SMlayne and I determinedthat it may be helpful to have all of this info brought together to one place. Small Small Small. Hi Christopher. Additionally, the stats that are valued on wands have changed, too. Rule 1) Keep a small deck. Crabling Talents Burried deep in the Pet Pavilion Forum. Reminder: Other Balance boots of interest are listed in the next tab. Really small. They all deserve the credit for submitting their excellent strategies.

Balance gets him early in the game compared to other schools, which is good in that when we are at lower levels our damage is weak. It works exactly like a super sprite now. Rain . Rings, like other accessories, haven't changed much. Bwildheart is using his Starter Deck in DS with success. But sometimes the offensive capabilities of a hat are good enough that they warrant making an exception. Check out the. Blades like BB and SB boost the whole spell. Each minion is like a D.O.T. The power increase is worth it. Mander In Celestia I have been using him in CL a bit. Most people do not realize how quickly we can take down an enemy, and will waste our traps on lesser hits, or even worse, wand attacks. Golem Tower is an excellent treasure production facility because the first floor is all yours, and the enemy is laughably weak. Lovelorn Spirit’s Set of Woe with Triangle Socket, Duelist’s Devil-May-Care Deck (Level 130). 838 Balance Critical (100%) and 144% Balance Damage: Patrick enjoys sharing insights about gear, pets and optimizing various activities in Wizard101 and Pirate101. It is very nice to have to cast on others. How would that increase the damage? ): Gear set bonuses provide stats in addition to whatever stats the gear provides, based on how many pieces of that set you’re wearing. Once you get to know our fine lady of Judgment you will follow her through fire and brimstone and she will always bring you back safe and true. The nice thing about this set of three decks is that it's the only one in the top four to offer you a choice of jewel slots.