As a writer, I feel like I’ve succeeded. T.S. You tickled me twice with that framing fucking business reference, man. It's on this train where Stan Lee's cameo comes in to play as the late Marvel publisher can be seen reading a copy of the script to Mallrats, one of Smith's earliest projects. Both dumped by their girlfriends, two best friends seek refuge in the local mall. Where do you stand on each cut at this point? It works lovely in the scene. The request involved meeting the boyfriend of Ribisi’s daughter, Marissa, as the boyfriend had just retired from professional skateboarding in order to act. "[7] Kevin Smith responded by apologizing for Mallrats at the 1996 Independent Spirit Awards, though he later stated that the apology was made in jest.

That means a lot. This guy here is Spider-Man’s baby daddy.” I got to introduce Stan or reintroduce Stan to a generation that perhaps never heard his name or weren’t that familiar with him. I’ll tell that story until the day I die. Smith soon finished the script for this new film, and casting began. And the symmetry to it, with him coming full circle from Mallrats, from one cameo to a lifetime of cameos by the end of his run, meant everything, at least for me. So would you please just meet with him? He wants to become an actor now.” And I said, “What do you mean he wants to become an actor? Some of the dialogue had been re-dubbed in the theatrical release, but is restored in this version. Why don’t you have a real guy?” And I was like, “Well, I don’t know any real guys.” He then said, “Well, who’s this supposed to be?” and I was like, “Well, if anyone, it would be like Stan Lee.” And he goes, “Why don’t you just write it for Stan Lee?” And I said, “I don’t know Stan Lee.” He goes, “Well, I do!” and I was like, “Oh my God, Hollywood is good. I haven’t eaten all day.” We were doing the pizza party thing where they bought pizza for all the actors there, but Jason Lee didn’t like pizza. This explains the final segment in the 'where are they now' ending sequence, showing LaFours kissing Tricia during the book signing. Can we have a scene where I explain that I was kidding?” And I was like, “You got it, Stan.” And so he winds up in the movie for a little bit more real estate, which is kind of what his aim was. [12] From April 2015 to July 2016, Smith made a series of announcements regarding the proposed sequel, some regarding casting and some announcing delays in production.

You can’t really tell a mall story these days without referencing the fact that retail, as we know it, is changing, if not completely dying, and COVID has only accelerated that as well. This pic was taken at the DVD Exclusive Awards In December of 2003, where I presented Stan with a lifetime achievement award. But I told Jim that I had to talk to you first because I got a little issue.” I said, “OK, what’s the problem?” And he said, “Well, you have me in a very nice little speech telling your main character all about the girl that got away. Along the way, they meet up with some friends, including Willam, a guy who stares at Magic Eye pictures, desprately trying to see the hidden image; Gwen, one of TS's ex-girlfriends; and Jay & Silent Bob, of Clerks fame. Mallrats also has the Jason Lee tie to The Incredibles. Meanwhile, T.S.

Title: I buy other people’s movies because I hope they’re buying mine as well and that’s how we keep this thing going.” So he was very committed to the craft and way into big studio moviemaking. And over that time, I realized that, yes, it was very sweet, of course, that he was like, “I don’t want to offend Joanie.” But Stan was nothing if not one of the most strategic people you’ve ever met and one of the most clever people you’ve ever met. Universal was also a co-financier of Reboot. So that came from Jason’s performance. T.S. The two guys encounter characters like Jay, Silent Bob, 15-year old sex novel author Trish the Dish, 3-D visionally challenged Willam (the guy just wants to see the sailboat!) As of late, he's typically directed an episode or two of the various Arrowverse shows per season and most recently, he's been named one of the writers and producers of Marvel's Howard the Duck, an upcoming animated Hulu show geared towards adults.

Thank you for doing it.” And I said, “Bring him back in for the audition.” And Don goes, “Yeah? | He was like, “Oh, where Richard Dreyfuss meets his hero and then he gives him a piece of advice? and Brodie after the show is over, Silent Bob plays a sex tape of Shannon and Tricia, resulting in his arrest for statutory rape. Incredible goes, “You’re that kid from the fanclub. So I was like, “You’re going to be Brodie.” He stops eating momentarily, looks up with the widest eyes possible and goes, “Yeah?” and then instantly, he goes back into his Whopper, as if I wasn’t there. The comic legend's Mallrats cameo went on to become one of his most beloved cameo roles, and it even led to a full-circle moment for Smith in 2019’s Captain Marvel. What are the differences between the Theatrical Version and the Extended Version? I didn’t see it in the sides that Joey was auditioning with, but I was telling him, like, “My God, these sides are fantastic.” But when I saw the movie, I hit him up to be like, “Oh my God, dude! [citation needed] Ben Affleck, who was a relative unknown at the time, was cast as Shannon Hamilton. So the kids were there and I said, “You guys want to come? Along the way, they meet up with some friends, including Willam, a guy who stares at Magic Eye pictures, desprately trying to see the hidden image; Gwen, one of TS's ex-girlfriends; and Jay & Silent Bob, of Clerks fame. A music video for The Goops' version of "Build Me Up Buttercup" was directed by Smith and featured both Smith and Mewes. No sarcasm. An extended sequence at Brodie's house, where T.S. T.S. By creating an account, you verify that you are at least 13 years of age, and have read and agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, By Adam Barnhardt A widower must look after his precocious daughter and rebuild his life and career after he's sidelined by an unexpected tragedy and a personal blowup. After a lifetime spent referencing the movies, the movies just referenced me! He was in Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. Brodie and T.S. Five years later, Jason Lee starred in Almost Famous, and he’s part of a scene where a private jet is in danger of crashing and everyone on board starts confessing their innermost secrets. As Smith started to cast the film, acclaimed casting director Don Phillips asked him if he’d do a favor for talent manager Gay Ribisi, and mother to Giovanni Ribisi. Will you have to do the same to account for Brodie becoming The Tonight Show host in Mallrats' epilogue? Copyright 2018 So I still prefer the theatrical cut; it makes more sense to me.

He had crushed every meeting and every audition. (Laughs.) Kevin Smith had a long relationship with Marvel Comics legend, Stan Lee, and often reminisces about him on social media. Eventually, they decide to try and win back their significant others, and take care of their respective nemesises (TS's girlfriend's father, and a store clerk who hates the two for not having any shopping agenda). Terms of Use | Brodie Bruce, a Sega and comic book obsessed college student, and his best friend, TS Quint, are both dumped by their girlfriends on the same day, and to deal with their loss, they both go to the local mall.

and Brodie's arrival at the flea market was of the now-demolished, An alternate opening scene, in which Mr. Svenning hosts a Ball for the Governor of New Jersey (played by. So I was like, “Ooh, I like that very much.” So I said, “I think this is our Brodie.” And Don Phillips goes, “Oh my God, well, he’s still here. But there was no learning curve. [13] During this time, the planned film became a planned 10-episode television miniseries. Before we celebrate the 25th anniversary of Mallrats, you just streamed the 300th episode of your Fatman Beyond podcast. Well, in a roundabout way, at least. He found Wooderson. What's your favorite Stan Lee cameo of all time?

and Brodie, as they wander around all day in a local mall while the girls who recently dumped them do the same. He was going out with Marissa Ribisi.

After realizing he's now technically part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe canon, Smith had one thing on his mind — was he a victim of The Snap in Avengers: Infinity War? | So I’m handing Jim the pages, and he’s reading about this comic book guru. He had just done Dazed and Confused with both of our producers, Jim Jacks and Sean Daniel. (Jeremy London), I submitted the following as my quote: “I, too, now am in the framing business.” Out of all the famous lines in the movie, has this quote ever been highlighted to you in the past? For example, Squirtgun's "Social" opens the film, while Weezer's "Susanne" ends the film, with Wax's "Mallrats" playing over the end credits.

However, it was excluded from the soundtrack album. And even one day, I remember being like, “Jim, you bought Juwanna Mann. He’s fun to talk to and shit.” So then, he came in for the third meeting, which was the second audition, and he had to read the Brodie part. Jay and Silent Bob are able to rescue Brodie and T.S., and they hide out at a local flea market, where they meet topless fortune teller Ivannah, who gives them both advice on their relationship problems. Really?” And Don said, “Yeah, he wants to make the transition into acting. outside the mall near the end originally asked if he had seen T.S. A daily briefing on what matters (and what's interesting) in Hollywood. Eventually, they decide to try and win back their significant others, and take care of their respective nemesises (TS's girlfriend's father, and a store clerk who hates the two for not having any shopping agenda). Then, I was like, “Give it up for Joey Adams,” and they just saw her as Gwen, so they welcomed her. She then reveals that the previous night she had sex with Shannon Hamilton, a 25-year-old clothing-store manager who hates Brodie because of his "lack of a shopping agenda.". Quint's offhand remark to the original contestant the night before resulted in her obsessively swimming laps at the local YWCA pool until she died from a brain embolism. An extended "Where are they now?" MTRodaba2468. Not that we were like, “You’re going to be an actor and we’re changing your life.” It was, “This fucking Whopper’s amazing.” So he came out to shoot the flick and to be fair, T.S. Many of these have wildly different reasons for having seen T.S. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Written by It’s about two generations; one that’s like, “All we ever did was live for this place,” and another generation that’s like, “All we ever did was try to stay away from that haunted hellhole.” It’s a great launching pad from which to tell different generational respects. The reference was more than just a silly nod as Captain Marvel takes place in 1995, the same year that Mallrats was released. Smith quickly joined the ranks of fellow Sundance stars Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez, as '90s independent film became an industry-changing movement. will kill him after seeing him in a news report. Brodie knew pop culture references. Good, man. on the news, such as Shannon's claim that he had tried to kidnap the President's daughter.