Check out pictures, albums and character bios from the XD series 7D. Though he has great ambitions, he lacks magical talent so his spells tend to go awry. Grumpy tries to eat and relax, but his remark inspires Delightful to have him redecorate Starchbottom’s room. During rehearsal, Dopey makes Sleepy disappear, but when he reappears, he is a bear. But the Mirror judges Delightful the fairest in the land anyway, revealing that she looks at a person’s inner beauty. It premiered on Disney Channel Asia on September 7. In fact, it makes him sneeze so hard that he sneezes the 7D into the a time where Hildy has taken over Jollywood. Upon returning to Jollywood, Delightful has the monster take the Glooms to the Armpit of Doom. When Queen Delightful announces the changing of seasons, Jollywood Joe, the Spring Chicken, is nowhere to be found. [38], In June 2014, Disney Publishing Worldwide released "The 7D Mine Train", an endless-runner video game where the player chooses one of the redesigned 7D dwarfs as their game avatar to pilot a mine car through various levels of the mine, picking up gems. He describes the song as "in kind of a punk rock style...It's pretty fast and has guitars and the tone of my voice is a bit nasal and aggressive. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. During the Royal Walk of Sir Yipsalot, when the Stroganoff Circus arrives in town, a squirrel distracts Yipsalot, causing him to get mixed up with a look-alike who picks up Stroganoff's flea circus. Delightful summons the 7D to remove a spider from her castle. The 7D discover they have new next-door neighbors called the Grins, who are actually the Glooms in disguise, and have them over for dinner. The Glooms pilot a mechanical giant to raid Jollywood's main village, so Queen Delightful summons the 7D to investigate. After almost two weeks, they realize they are still tied at the port, but eventually reach the island, which has a volcano that spits out cheese. He can accomplish more asleep than most people can wide awake! Grim Gloom is Hildy’s devoted and doting husband. However, when the Glooms are unable to stop the eruption, the 7D are tasked to travel all over the lands to retrieve the seven gem fragments that together form the Rock of Sages. However, Sneezy sends a sneeze that blasts them away and sends Grumpy to Australia. The elf, named Gingersnaps, pledges to be Grumpy's servant for the rest of his life. [36] Rob Owen wrote in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that the characters were blandly drawn, and that the show was just a chance to capitalize on the film. Happy and Bashful realize what is going on and try to rally everyone around the Jollywood Tree to cheer them up. After the roller skates are returned to Queen Delightful, the fairy godmother is declared the winner by Snake Charming and is presented with the Tiara of Doom, much to the dismay of Hildy, Snazzy, and Jinxy. As the Glooms try to recover the ring, Delightful notices her fish Teensy grows quickly in size, and must relocate it to the sea. Ruegger said that the show's demographic differed from his previous works with Animaniacs and Pinky and the Brain; however, he was also encouraged by Disney Junior to expand the demographic to include parents. Unaware of the Glooms' plan, the 7D are summoned to remove the broken pipe organ, using Doc's "How Do You Do" invention to help out. Doc figures out that the Giant has foot problems due to his small shoes, so the 7D work on new shoes for the Giant and he fixes the Bing Bong Bell. He estimates he wrote about 120 songs for the first season, although many are very short and their styles vary. After failing to get the bird to stay still, they get Grumpy to dress up as one, but the bird mistakes Grumpy for one of its chicks and takes him away. Composer Keith Horn does the orchestration in the show. [6] In Canada, the series began broadcast on July 13 on Disney XD. Happy goes to Echo Canyon, a place where he can lose his voice and it stays there for the next twenty-four hours thanks to the King of Echoes. They find ghe ogre in the cave where he has stolen all sorts of things and offer him something he likes to recover the items, which turns out to be candy corn. During Cheese Day, when Grumpy puts the gem in his pocket, he inadvertently attracts the affections of those nearby, especially Hildy, as the gem is actually a Love Stone. All Rights Reserved. Teensy swallowed the Glooms and later regurgitated them out, so they have to be rescued by the 7D. The Glooms plan to find the gem and to make Queen Delightful hideous during her yearly address to the kingdom, so it's up to Bashful to stop the Glooms before Delightful is not so delightful. When Hildy gets a new duplicating wand, she tells Grim not to let anything happen to it, including having himself use it, which he does, but in return makes a duplicate of Hildy who takes over Jollywood and locks the 7D, Queen Delightful and the Glooms in the dungeon. As they rampage through town, he starts helping folks and even Queen Delightful when the Glooms target her golden sky bucket, soon naming his masked vigilante alias "The Big Bash". Jollymonjaro in order to break the spell by sundown. [8] Voice director Kelly Ward said "God forbid if anything were to happen when they were all in one place because the voice-over industry would be dealt a crippling blow." Grumpy's shoes make flatulent noises, so he gets them repaired by Cobby the cobbler. Bashful reveals to the other 7D that he is only able to sing well in the shower because of his shyness. Most of all, she wants to rule Jollywood. This quickly earns the trust of Queen Delightful and the 7D, but Hildy becomes more irritated about acting good all the time. When the rocket that Queen Delightful, Lord Starchbottom, and the 7D are in launches, Doc gains control of the rocket and enables them to return where the 7D Dance drives the Glooms away. The day of the festival, while everyone is throwing pies, Hildy manages to snip a piece of Grumpy's beard but the Glooms are forced to retreat when the Grumpy has Sneezy blast pies at them. Grim plans to obtain the elephant for Hildy, but grabs Grumpy. Sleepy is always in need of a cat-nap, even during an adventure. However, the mansion is haunted by a ghost girl. Grumpy's pet goat Giselle and the Glooms' pet warthog Peaches are drawn from their pens to the campsite of Sid the Troll, where they eat Sid's bug pudding. The villagers leave town and are attracted to join the Hildegard Estates community, of which Hildy plans to make the villagers her minions, but the 7D save the day thanks to Starchbottom's terrible tasting smoothies. Play Disney Channel, Disney XD and Disney Junior games from your favorite Disney TV shows! The Queen’s advisor, Squire Peckington, goes on vacation and is replaced by a monkey in the Queen’s hat. While Doc tries to find someplace quiet to concentrate on the plans for the Thingy, which leads to him working on the plans in the Tranquil Desert, the other 7D turn to Lord Starchbottom to teach them how to be quiet. [1][4] The first season consisted of 24 episodes. While birdwatching, Hildy gets the idea to obtain the Woopty Doopty Schmoodly Duck from the Kingdom of the Clouds. "[28] In an interview with Geek Mom, Gripp said that he was asked to pitch song ideas for various Disney shows, and that The 7D clicked with his style. Two timid aliens seek Grumpy's expertise in "grumpitude.". Princess Prettyhead then proceeds to transform those who have been turned into frogs back to normal. [19][26][27] In an interview with Indiewire, Gimeno said that the pilot episode was done in Flash, but the series was changed to traditional 2D which added production value as Flash was design heavy. It is a re-imagining of the title characters from the 1937 film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs by Walt Disney Animation Studios, and their adventures prior to the introduction of Snow White. Disguised as pipe organ salespeople, they get her to replace the organ which would be one that turns everyone into stone.