He is striving to keep it even when it means being abusive with each other. You ever love somebody so much Unlucky for the music video's actor, Dominic Monaghan didn't make it out of the set without any scars. And to many, it feels real. During this time, the real Marshall Mathers went into recovery and went sober. (function() { In fact, sometimes love borders on obsessive and it is very passionate which leads to passionate arguments that can end in abuse. I love everything you do, even if it's wrong" This is how they justify and gaslight their victim. Eminem seemed to have lost his controversy-driven glow. Well that's alright because I love the way you lie." Don't you here sincerity in my voice when I talk? She admits to putting herself in these positions and sticking around because she somehow feels complete with these "battles." Rihanna’s character, plays the woman who thinks is in love with her partner, - she is probably under the impression that if she sexually connects in a pleasant way with him, he must be her prince charming. This is him begging for her back. Before Eminem and Rihanna, it was British crooner Leona Lewis who spent four weeks atop the Billboard Hot 100 with Bleeding Love from her breakthrough debut album, Spirit, in 2007. It’s super easy, we promise! He said in a 2009 interview that he came close to death during this period, and chose to turn his life around in order to survive. But when it’s bad it’s awful, I feel so ashamed. Maybe that’s what happens when a tornado meets a volcano Eminem's early songs included graphic descriptions of the brutal rape and murder of women, and he uses every derogatory name in the book to refer to almost everybody—but especially his own wife and mother. And that four-letter word is whoa. she saying in that interview 'it was his choice'. There is Eminem’s chaos mixed with Rihanna’s soothing vocals. I also had a bad relationship with a guy, simultaneously to me getting beat up by the music industry," Skylar took to her official Genius page to explain the creative approach behind the song. I'm leaving you. div_id: "cf_async_" + Math.floor((Math.random() * 999999999)) I’m tired of the games, I just want her back Better yet, the ups and downs of relationships in general. The song's intense depiction of a violent relationship raises questions powerful enough to attract interest not just from Eminem fans, but also from educators, domestic violence activists, feminist bloggers, and an unusually broad slew of commentators concerned about Eminem's influence on teenagers and about his seemingly unguarded misogyny. We can pretty much encapsulate "Love the Way You Lie" in just one four-letter word. look to his 'deaht' and all his songs he told everyone about his death from the beginning:P Its talking about the Psychological state of someone who is abused. In the last verse of “Love The Way You Lie,” Eminem is trying to justify their situation. First let's look at the choice in a featured singer. It feels intense, meaningful, chilling, frightening, deep, and sometimes worrisome. I guess I just don't know my own strength." Eminem talks about love here, comparing it to a steel knife stuck in his throat-which would obviously be very painful and life threatening. Rolling Stone's review of Recovery points out that, although the rapper still tosses in some rage against Mariah Carey, "Em is finding ways to make therapy fun, including mocking his own penchant for navel-gazing melodrama" (source). Marshall Mathers wrote down his verses and invited Rihanna to perform the chorus of the song.

Then there are two souls just enduring more and more torment. And I love her the more I suffer, I suffocate The beats underlying the vocals aren't doing much that's particularly original, and the melody of Rihanna's hook doesn't do muc… For many abuse victims leaving isn't a rational answer, its their biggest mistakes. Eminem's version of the song is the male point of view of the abusive relationship a.k.a the abuser. I wrote this song with black river record director he filmed it with Kelsea and then my writers from Minneapolis and Ben talked to the producer, he wanted a song from his playlist blurred lines from robin thicke, he came with his wife, she worked with me, she’s so sweet. Hi! He barely sounds human anymore. Check below for the full lyrics to the song. To even put you in a song like this. ok so this song is talking about the result of two people being together who cant control thier anger and all around other people are affected by it but theyll never leave eachother becuse they love eachothe.

Eminem would lie just to keep her around and he is saying if she tries to leave again, it would be the end of, possibly, both of them.

Guess that’s why they call it window pane. Accept my band mates. He’s incredibly awesome, and a writer. To begin with, the facts: Although some have excused Eminem's violent lyrics by saying that they represent nothing more than a shocking brand of comedy, the rapper has always been more than just a jokester. 3isACharm, edited by Mellow_Harsher, "Love the Way You Lie, Pt.

So, Eminem may well be as creepy in real life as he seems on his songs. I love Rihanna she’s really beautiful with her red hair. You push, pull each other's hair, scratch, clawed and bit 'em, pin 'em down, so lost in the moments when you're in them" This shows the initial downfall of a relationship.

But she admits that she'll still always love him even though they fight 24/7) Just gonna stand there and watch me burn Well that's alright because I like the way it hurts Just gonna stand there and hear me cry Well that's alright because I love the way you lie Love the way you lie Oh I love the way you lie (same as love the way you lie pt. var opts = { They argue-spitting venomously cruel words at each others’ face. And right before I’m about to drown she resuscitates me. The single recorded 9x Platinum in sales in Australia alone. All he knows for a certain is that no matter what happens, he cannot make up his mind to leave her. All I know is I love you too much to walk away though. Sometimes, the best art comes from the darkest place, and this catharsis process is Love the Way You Lie is all about.

No you ain't, come back" "We're running right back here we go again its so insane cause when it's goin good its goin great but when it's bad it's awful." "I fell in love with it. You can barely breathe when you’re with ’em? He is thinking maybe this is natural-maybe this is how two crazy people are supposed to be. "Where you goin? (Source), With her whole life story laid bare before the mass media, Rihanna has been confronted and even attacked with some of the worst stereotypes about survivors of domestic violence—one of which is that domestic violence can't happen to strong, independent women. Hot on the tail of fame came controversy. It feels intense, meaningful, chilling, frightening, deep, and sometimes worrisome. Rap legend Dr. Dre discovered Eminem in 1997, and The Slim Shady LP released the same year led the young rapper to overnight fame. "If you're sick enough to think it, then you're sick enough to say it," he told SPIN in 2000. As per May 2020, it has 1.9 billion views, making it Eminem's most viewed music video. But according to him, the characters on the video are not meant to be biographical.