FIGHTING OPPA!! Hi..... Jong suk ssi !!!! ! so yeah, I dont want to say 'Oppa' or something, its a bit cringy for me haha xD Your acting is instinctively good and I love to see other sides of you in your next projects. Extremely talented actor I must say. He can act out any emotion; angry, sad, happy, childish.. really anything! Hi there Lee jong-suk!

Fighting!! i can't wait for his next project. Always waiting for the drama of him. Chu ka hae!!! he can fit with anybody. He is very handsome but his nose is so fake!! OMG, I cant waiting for u on next your drama... i hope school 2013 season 2 still u!! kpopforu Jun 06 2016 2:50 pm The fist time I saw you was in Pinocchio and you just blew my mind away! Fighting!!!! Ana Sep 23 2014 10:07 am
And I want to marry him * joking * xD, Really the heart occurred in love Drama..I like yr style in acting. wish you always be the best!!! I can't wait to see him in Jade Lovers if it is ever released. Missing you baby, counting down the days till you come back. I miss you in screen. You have an angelic face that's why you are so gwapo. They have this undeniable chemistry that makes us fans fall in love with them.

Words cannot explain how hot you are oppa!!!!!!!! Hi. Hwaiting!! waaah, i'm really falling in love with him right now. oppa,,, I am your big fans.....Saranghae Oppa, leejongsuk Feb 28 2014 6:38 am Your a total package..from head to toe. i love you so much! Please take a role drama with Apink's Eunji. . Fighting Jongsuk. Jirah Jun 30 2016 9:02 am love you ;") & may God bless you :-) please visit sg soon ok ! Amalia Jan 03 2015 2:08 am

I wish if I were can read mind someone.
^__^ I LOVE all your dramas and movies your fashion style as well!!! But if it is fake... ) GOD bless you and take care always mwahh. lee jung suk!! Anneong!.. Awesome. hope you keep us updated of your daily activities once you're inside the military. Aigoo! MRN Feb 02 2014 9:33 am Really admire your acting skills way before you became mainstream. PHR Irina Feb 23 2018 10:21 pm iya Mar 26 2017 11:07 am I like your dramas. Watching W and its awesome. I Hope you'll see my comment.. mina May 27 2015 2:48 pm I miss you so much!!! I've seen all of his drama's and his acting was amazing. u r the best! I love all your dramas.You are very talent for taekwondo .I also doing I'm waiting your next drama.......... LynD Dec 29 2015 12:48 am

yourgin Mar 15 2016 5:17 am I love him! I'm exactly 10 years younger than you, I was also born in September. Lee Jong Suk is one of a kind. It started way back 2014 when I watch the movie As one (Starring Bae Doona and Hajiwon), since then, I started watching your dramas and movies even your not the main lead for some works. Love Jong sukkie Oppa, jongsukie Aug 29 2015 10:11 am You said that you will be popular for a while but not last a long time.

. I'm Lia from Indonesia .. That day I was really interested in watching the Secret Garden because of its funny and romantic trailers.

He and Kim Woo Bin was sooooo handsome in school 2013 when they had their flashback! Fighting!! He is just way too perfect. He is not like other Korean actors that I know of. I can't express how exited I was when I found out that he was doing a drama with my favorite actress Park Shin hye in Pinnochio . and his abs in no breathing are so sweet!! Miss you!

when Ifinished watching the series of Pinocchio.. i felt totally move on from my past.. lee jong suk, help me ease the pain of my painful heart for almost 3 years. i really love lee jong suk oppa..i hope he has a new darma which is his partner is park shin hye. Congratulations, He is a good actor, Nicole Oct 09 2015 11:15 pm It would be amazing to see what he is like in real life. Keep it up, always put your feet on the ground. :) Lee Jong Suk if i see you in person then, that day will be the greatest day of my life :)... just to share i really do not often watch korean films and dramas but when i watched doctor stranger i never stopped watching k dramas and films of Lee Jong Suk. Love all your dramas! But we like you in W drama .You are most handsome actor in korea that we think. Your really handsome and a great actor. you are soooo cute im soo deeply in love with you and i really really want to meet you love soo much .. to the moon and never baaaaack .. youare the moon to meh. i love you, ufie rachma Mar 11 2017 6:45 am Ninaward Nov 19 2014 8:33 pm !.. hope you can have other social account, like facebook, to keep in touch to your fun! You blew me away in Doctor Stranger. MH Dec 15 2014 8:02 pm On any other guy that kind of behaviour would be off-putting but the level of cuteness on this guy is off the charts. You're my no.1 Korean actor ever. My heart can’t take it, globglogabgalab Jun 10 2018 11:18 am Alyssa Givera Jul 15 2015 3:07 am Ur talent is amazing n I like the way u act..I makes me goose bump wen u smile n cry.. Best actor of this generation. .you really did great..? I was really tensed in the last episode. LJS're a young talented and charismatic. Jenny loves you so very much. Rachel Bronte, UGanda. babisama Jan 22 2017 9:31 am Fu Qi Mar 06 2015 8:58 am From then on i watched almost all his drama..Dr. Stranger and Pinocchio. I really miss watching you in drama!! W4GRB.user_rating[1]=0; N will be release first half 2014. 16 episodes - Sat, Sun 21:00 Heartfilia Nov 08 2016 7:19 am I love your actor skills.   |  woooooooooooooow Just perfect <3, Lucila Rojo Jan 07 2015 2:28 am You are an excellent actor.

Hello there :3 Currently airing! Thithisoemoe May 19 2020 1:33 am I always see u in my dream. Good luck for everything you've done. :*, gtbj Dec 07 2014 11:46 am Hey our charming prince, we miss you. TRACY Aug 07 2017 11:47 am oppa love you... you are so nice. !~ SELVAMANI.M Jun 13 2017 1:25 am Oppa, I really miss you a lot. Abigail Sep 26 2016 4:50 am solid fan Apr 24 2020 4:28 am Hi.Oppa lee jong suk.First thing first ,I have been known you in doctor stranger but I and my sister don't like you .It is I am very stupid.

You think you're good? Keep healthy oppa ^o^.

I loved that smile because its so heartwarming. Saranghe! mj montellano Jun 01 2016 8:15 pm Mainly because it’s about the publishing world, and let’s face it, I love books. grandis Dec 06 2016 9:35 am My idol Lee Jong Suk is so cute face and his action is very improve . How are doing? Wallace Parc Jan 18 2015 8:22 am hwa, i really like when you're act as Park Soo Ha in " I Hear Your Voice". you are my favourite korean actor. Chel o4 Mar 09 2018 7:40 am I love all of your drama, except for strange doctor and school 2013, kekeke. All your fans are missing you so much including me. Oppa hope to see h in person.❤️❤️❤️❤️, Sneha shahi May 06 2020 5:42 am Oppa Diga Aug 06 2013 1:15 pm saranghae! Good choice Millet! I really love!!! I'm planning on watching every one of your dramas ! Lee jong-suk sarangheeeee!!!!! Love uuuuuu... fightinggg! bunni3 Aug 06 2013 9:45 pm saima afroza Aug 29 2020 7:50 am Sissy Oct 29 2017 12:11 pm And i fell in love with kdrama ever since. Lee jong suk oppa Im inlove with you already! Fighting Oppa, I love you. query2page(W4GRB.query_url[1],"w4g_rb_area-1",2,1); Maheshi Jayasundara Jan 03 2016 4:04 am Saranghae oppah? Pretty Sep 06 2015 3:04 am lee jong suk is so handsome i hope he`s not a gay........................<3. He has chemistry with his partners. I'm your biggest fan. Do we get to have our wishes come true, Blue Fairy?