Yes indeed, we too use "cookies." It takes a slight dip in quality in season 6; Michael Cumpsty was awful, but Conchata Ferrell was a delight. I liked Leland. Elsewhere really started to suck in its later seasons. Michelle Greene played an ok character but cannot remember her name. I hated Rosalind Shays. Throughout the run of the series, various actors such as Harry Hamlin, Susan Dey, Jimmy Smits, Corbin Bernsen, Jill Eikenberry, Blair Underwood, Alan Rachins, Michele Greene, Michael Tucker, Sheila Kelley, John Spencer, Conchata Ferrell, A. Martinez, Alan Rosenberg and Debi Mazar (from "Civil Wars") have starred on the show. They’re tired and overdone. [quote]They retooled that character one or two episodes after she debuted. Stuart got pulled out of his car and bonked on the head and turned into a version of Benny for half the season. [quote] The riots episode was terrible. Due to its popularity, "L.A. Law" had great influence on how Americans viewed the law and lawyers. OP's question caused me to realize I didn't really like or care about any of the original characters. Please click here to update your account with a username and password. Then they canned them all except Tommy, and the show was just pathetic for its last few seasons. Corbin Bernsen looks totally unrecognizable. The new producer in charge was difficult to deal with and he had meltdown on the set. Elsewhere (which I love) writers/producers, they proved that. I’m pretty sure the sight of Arnie in his underwear made me gay. If you are interested you can take a look at The riots episode was terrible. And how about that episode with the statue of Martin Luther King that supposedly made him look like a lawn jockey? Michael KuzakPlayed By: Harry Hamlin Grace Van OwenPlayed By: Susan Dey Arnie BeckerPlayed By: Corbin Bernsen Ann … Hello and thank you for being a DL contributor. Bruce Rogoff [seasons 1-5], Michael Holden as D.A. Also, LA Law was my first time hating Jimmy Smits. But the sexism was really jaw dropping and made me stop watching. Learn how and when to remove this template message,, Television films based on television series, Articles needing additional references from March 2019, All articles needing additional references, Pages using infobox television with editor parameter, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 21 September 2020, at 20:27. Could they reboot it in another city perhaps St. Louis Indianapolis or Nashville? I did love Corbin Bernsen - and that hairy body. I watched this show every week from the first episode. Nobody cared anymore, it was so boring. Not just any old "Jump the Shark" discussion, but the best shows to take a turn for the worse. Wouldn't his license to practice law have expired by then? Well, I just got through binge-watching the whole series, and it wasn't cheap since the American DVDs only go up to season 3 while the UK got the whole series. Loved her crush on her boss! I hated her. Michelle Greene seemed to deny the rumors previously talked about here that the reason she left the show was discomfort with the lesbian storyline with CJ. Patricia Green (a multi-Emmy-winning producer of Cagney & Lacey and China Beach) replaced him for season 6. Arnie's past coming back to haunt him would make a hell of a storyline. The show focused on the personal and professional lives of the people at a big law firm in Los Angeles, California. Susan Dey, of course, even though she never sends her condolences. That was boring so they quickly changed it to Christian. And not just for lezzing out with Abby — she was a hoot in every office and court scene. The show picked the right time to end because there's no way it could have competed with the O.J. The film originally aired on NBC on May 12, 2002.[1]. r90 Corbin and Jimmy were the hot actors in that show in my opinion not Harry! r53 That I did not know. r62 I can imagine Corbin being quite a hottie as s young man! He is repulsive and so is the character he played. I stopped watching after season 3 or so and tuned in a few years later and Jeffrey Tambor, who had been a lawyer, was now a judge wearing a dress. The show was popular with audiences & critics and also won 15 Emmy Awards throughout its run (four of which were for "Outstanding Drama Series"). William Finkelstein came in off Civil Wars for season 8 and brought Debi Mazar along. Michelle seemed to be somewhat proud to be a part of that and said people still come up to her and thank her. Jimmy Smits and Blair Underwood were discovered on this show and went on to have long TV careers with several other series. Ruby Thomas [seasons 6-7], Anthony DeSando as Alex DePalma [season 6], David Schwimmer as City Attorney Dana Romney [season 7], Joe Grifasi as Dominic Nuzzi [seasons 7-8], Kathleen Wilhoite as Rosalie Hendrickson [seasons 7-8], Steven Eckholdt as Patrick Flanagan [season 8]. Alan Rachins' character, knowing that he had been naked on stage in "Oh! Calcutta!" R69 Michelle has told in an interview how Bochco and Kelley had already left when cast’s original contracts ended. The decision made no sense because Abby had just been promoted. Mine would be the rather forthright sometimes battle Ann Kelsey played by the brilliant Jill Eikenberry. Susan Dey was there! That was the lowest point in tv history. I'm surprised he ever worked again. Another wrote in the issue that the show "subtracts eighty to ninety-nine percent of lawyers' real work lives" and overemphasized the glamor of the rest. L.A. Law: The Movie is a 2002 American made-for-television drama film based on the 1986–1994 television series L.A. Law which reunited most of the original cast, except for prominent cast members who did not return including Blair Underwood (Jonathan Rollins), Jimmy Smits (Victor Sifuentes), Amanda Donohoe (C.J. If you can't find the email you can resend it here. The last season and a half is not nearly as bad but not as good as it was in its prime. I’d take Blair Underwood over Hamlin and the rest. I remember loving the show but these are the only parts I really remember. They also talked briefly about Roz Shays and said Diana Muldaur had no idea she was being killed off until that episode script was handed out when she arrived at the studio. The characters were just sort of blanks, compared to St. Michelle had especially been targeted. Stuart directs everyone in living room to distance themselves from a huge breakfront hutch. Everything after that is slightly better but the damage was done and apparently undoable. Hello and thank you for registering. However, unlike other works of legal fiction (such as "Perry Mason" and "Presumed Innocent") which are essentially mysteries that lawyers solve, "L.A. Law"'s plots taught its tens of millions of viewers torts, ethics, and other basic legal ideas and dilemmas that comprise the first year of a legal education. —Rose. It’s over. Susan Dey did not appear or release a statement. That storyline was barely good enough for [italic]Melrose Place[/italic]! Bochco barely had time to run this show in the last season because he now had [italic]NYPD Blue[/italic] to deal with. Become a contributor - post when you want with no ads. They're the ones who canned CJ, Zoey, Susan and some promising young hottie who I think was gay IRL. It wasn't even the lowest point of the 1987-1988 TV season, the one that gave us [italic]Full House[/italic]. We are changing the login scheme for contributors for simpler login and to better support using multiple devices. That one respected doctor would be so mad that he would pull down his pants and flash his ass to his superior? Then Tinker & Masius were hired for season 7. every single site you visit? DL fave Susan Day is scheduled to appear Tuesday August 4 in the Stars in the House LA LAW Cast Reunion. for your pointless bitchery needs. And in the final season, Dr. Westphall mooned Dr. Auschlander. On L.A. Law, it was explained … Kuzak giving up law for bartending and then going back to law … can you even do that? My favorite character was the theme song. no love for Corbin Bernsen? Alana De La Garza ADA Consuela `Connie' Rubirosa 93 Episodes (2001-2016) Elisabeth Rohm ADA Serena Southerlyn 90 Episodes (2001-2016) Carolyn McCormick Dr. Elizabeth Olivet 79 … Stuart overhears: “You know, he’s just one of those little Jewish money men.”. I AM theater royalty and my acting was light years ahead of any of the crappy acting on this night time soap opera. Thankfully, he wasn't as big a star in this as he was in NYPD Blue, which I had to stop watching. I know we do! The first half of that season was the absolute nadir; everything after that is like an attempt to clean up the mess. CJ Lamb shook that place up! Some features on this site require a subscription. Offsite Link. The show was terribly managed for the last few years. Michelle was also asked to do few first episodes to get a storyline how Abby will leave but Michelle turned it down. The New York Times described it as "television's most serious attempt to date to portray American law and the people who practice it ... L.A. Law, perhaps more than any other force, has come to shape public perceptions about lawyers and the legal system". It pops up on this forum a lot! He’s too pretty for his own good. What was up with Stuart and Ann getting ripped off by a New Age grifter? They were rich lawyers who had nothing at stake, really. I have no idea why so many DLers hold it some kind of reverence—and the same old queens who fawn over that bland sack of hair Harry Hamlin. Please click here to register for free. Reboot with many of the same characters? I dunno, I thought Suasan deserved an Emmy nod for that episode where Grace picked up radio waves with her braces during a deposition. During that time, Paul Haggis was a creative consultant. A Christian lawyer joined the firm and Ann Kelsey got a haircut. They actually got booted after 13 weeks IIRC, and Steven Bochco had to come in and mop things up. Lamb) and John Spencer (Tommy Mullaney). Stuart and Ann's son Matthew could follow in their footsteps and end up having to represent Benny's wife Rosalie, now a widow, before the IRS who is auditing her inheritance because so much of it came from the money Benny and Dominick won with the horse they owned. The writers had already done few first episodes with Abby on them and they had to re-written. Did anyone watch the LA LAW reunion last night? A Julia Sugarbaker without the southern sass or a sense of humor. [quote] Why didn't Susan Dey ever speak French on "La Law"? The show was "a massive distortion of reality ... the lawyers of L.A. Law are caricatures", he stated, but "caricatures are always caricatures of something, and that has to be real".