By using our site, you consent to our use of cookies. But, there is a lot potential in the Farm System, thanks Bobby Evans. Kevin Gausman is my second cousin, and I’m telling him you said that. However, Gausman noted that the presence of Giants icon and catcher Buster Posey was among the reasons he signed with them, and he’d like to pitch to Posey next season. Plenty of 2 year offers in the $10-12MM range. Not many free agents to be state they are staying put. @Cey Hey they can do better than Gausman if they really have the ability to force guys to sign with them (Bauer). Team on the upswing and he is having success. If they give 3 years, they’ll be happy with 2. They may be used by those companies to build a profile of your interests and show you relevant adverts on other sites. I see so many people on here just ripping on the Giants, that I irked and defensive. Howie415, Those aren’t random players. On one hand, Gausman might be a decent fill-in over the short term if the price is right. That’s why the Giants will offer the QO to Gausman and use that leverage to hopefully sign him to a multiyear contract at a reasonable rate. Commies don’t play! First of all, this is the second time he’s said this. In a capitalist society, kevin Gausman has earned a contract greater than 5 million a year. I am glad you got a charge out of my comment and found it current. Giants trade for Angels' Cozart, first-round pick Wilson. But, the transference of knowledge on big league level will be worth it. In other words this is code for: “with my track record I’ll sign anywhere.”. So that, to me, has to be his salary floor, and i wouldn’t be shocked to see $36M/3. It was your magnetic personality that had such a high potential. San Francisco signed Gausman to a one-year, $9 million contract, but NBC Sports Bay Area's Alex Pavlovic reported he can earn an extra $1 million in bonuses. Thanks, Claude Raymond (a fine all-star reliever in ’66). Already Subscribed? A look at the injuries for Kevin Gausman, and the financial implications. Nobody is arguing he deserves less than 5 million a year. What’s your point? Gausman could be similar to Jake Arrieta who was a much better pitcher after he left Baltimore and went to the National League. That means Gausman could get his wish to work with Posey if he re-signs in the offseason. Yeah, they are mediocre right now. on gausman though, betting on Gausman to improve at his age is a risk unless its at a reasonable price. Perhaps he can be attracted by a new Tesla.