This will ensure that the ball has a late break on it. Here are ways to keep learning from me: Leave a comment and share this post with a friend! It also has a late break that is hard to recognize, and it is easy for catchers to handle. For the grip hold the ball like how I did in this picture (Sorry I used a left handed grip). Two years is long enough to either “get it” or realize that you’re not going to get it. A slider is a breaking pitch that is thrown faster and generally with less overall movement than a curveball. A slider will have a wider break if you create a greater angle when you turn your fingers. The slider is part fastball, part breaking ball. In order for a slider to effective it must break about 6-10 inches, and the velocity should typically be 5-7 mph slower than your fastball. Because of this, batters will often incorrectly read the ball out of a pitcher's hand as a fastball, only to be fooled once the slider breaks. No evidence shows that sliders are worse than curveballs. Did you make this project? The ASMI has proven through research that the fastball is the most stressful pitch in baseball, but for lots of reasons youth pitchers should still hold off on throwing breaking balls too early. To throw a different pitch with the slider pitch grip your fingers slide to the side of the ball during the release. So please nobody believe it is that easy to throw a slider. Slowly move back, re-introduce your full mechanics and gradually add speed. My video below (which is #1 if you search on YouTube for the slider) is the best way to learn about grips. You will have complete control over how much the slider breaks, in this regard. The slider is probably easier, which is why so many more pitchers throw them at the collegiate and pro levels. Just deliver the pitch like a fastball. Ultimately, the best breaking ball is one that you can throw well. A slider's movement comes from how the ball spins off the fingers. Copyright Text 2020 by Baseball Coaching Lab. Rather, I think breaking balls should be taught in the 14U season, and not relied upon until the 15U or 16U season. That's because it’s a fast breaking ball that has much more speed than a curveball, but slightly less speed than a four-seam or two-seam fastball. What you don't want to do is get under the ball and it doesn't break. The way you can keep your pitches a secret is to hide the grip of the ball before you start your windup. Put pressure on your thumb and middle finger. A slider is a combination of two spins: bullet spin and forward spin, which together make the ball break at an angle. I am going to show you how to throw a slider. Imagine cutting through the ball with your middle finger as you throw the pitch. Join the free Newsletter Check out the pitching program I … As hard as the incredible hulk would throw it. We knew about Tug McGraw’s screwball (Tug was Tim’s dad) and heard about a few big leaguers that threw a knuckleball. Many pitchers want the answer to this question because a slider can be the most deceptive pitching grip in baseball. If it’s harder than this, it’s not really a slider. Here's a detailed look at how you can throw an effective slider in 10 total steps. Really it’s probably a push between the two, and it’s a bit of an apples to oranges comparison. This injury potential is one reason why many youth baseball coaches prefer to teach a curveball to young pitchers rather than a slider. This will help you ensure that when you release the ball, you do so on the same thumb side of the index finger. The break always goes to the pitcher’s gloveside, which is away to a righty for a righthanded pitcher. P.O. For right-handers, place your middle finger across the right half of the seam. Choose a pitching drill or two that allows you to focus more on your hand position than your full delivery, Throw slow sliders using the pitching drill focusing just on spinning the ball properly and how it feels off your fingers. What we’ll cover today is important for pitchers of all ages: If this article seems just like what you’ve been looking for, then also consider checking out my pitching book, and signing up for my email newsletter. The arm should be coming over the top, just like when you throw a fastball. In my book, I talk about the speed change ratios on all common pitches just like this one. What's a Slider? In summary: throw it as hard as you can, and the speed change should be 8-10% slower than your fastball speed. When you don't follow through, the ball will likely stay high. A slider is gripped like a two-seam fastball, but, held slightly off-center. As the clip demonstrated, the slider can be a devastating pitch when thrown correctly, and some pitching experts even label it as one of the best pitches in baseball. But we were pretty happy with the curveball and most pitchers had a lot of success with it. And the other knock on the slider is if it doesn’t break, then it is a very hittable pitch. Place your index and middle fingers. on Introduction. Now that you have the positioning of your fingers down, you need to focus on where to put pressure on the baseball. It’s a great resource to keep learning. If you don't aim your pitches properly, then it is likely that they won't end up where you intend to. The best pitchers who throw sliders have really fast arms and throw their sliders really hard–the harder its thrown, the more sudden the break will appear to a hitter. Steps of How to Throw a Slider. I'm just splitting the seam. The slider is stressful on the arm, but not necessarily more so than other pitches. This is going to allow you to put pressure on the ball with just your index finger upon release. The dot is a sign of a well-thrown slider. It's not a pitch that is only good for right-handed pitchers to throw to right-handed hitters, for example. You try this pitch at your own risk. The middle finger is placed beside the index finger, and the thumb is placed underneath, away from the seams. One thing you need to do is make sure you don't twist your wrist, as this can potentially cause you to get injured as you throw the pitch a lot. A good slider will appear to have fastball velocity, but it will break in a lateral direction, down and away, or down and in to a batter. You should hold the ball so most of the pressure will end up coming from the side of your index finger that is nearest to the thumb. Holding the baseball just off center will help create enough spin to allow the baseball to have a late break. Though the fingers won’t actually be on top of the ball, the goal is to avoid letting the hand slip way onto the side, which produces entirely wrong spin–frisbee spin is no bueno. Curveballs were landing outside of this new strike zone and hitters learned to layoff them. Often, this proves to be the case. Here’s the overview of this definitive guide to throwing a slider. In fact, the American Sports Medicine Institute’s research has shown that the fastball is the most stressful pitch, in part because velocity is closely linked to arm stress. I am 13 and I throw sliders all the time and I have only hurt my arm once. Some pitchers will put their thumb directly on the bottom of the baseball. The reason why it's such an effective pitch is because it travels at a high rate of speed -- below that only of both a two-seam or four-seam fastball. Throwing a good one? Basically, when you spin the pitch properly, it will end up in this velocity range because you lose velocity into the baseball when you spin it. Sign up below to receive my beloved weekly emails. You can think of it in terms of two planes. When teaching a new pitcher his first breaking ball, I usually tinker with both and see if they have a natural ability to spin one or the other. The slider is thrown a lot like the two seam fastball. It's not. How to Throw the Slider #3 Throw it Downhill. Keep working hard. This follow through action helps you save the wear and tear on your arm. Play like there is a quarter on the ground in front of you and you are bending over to pick it up. That said, I don’t believe–and research corroborates this–that any type of breaking ball is worse than another. A slider can be one of the most effective pitches you can throw, as long as you learn how to grip the ball properly, hide that grip from batters and then release the ball how you should. Themes Grip the baseball with your index and middle fingers placed tightly together across an outer seam of the ball located at the horseshoe or U-shape seam. Any kid can throw a bad curveball (and most curveballs are bad curveballs). Sliders are particularly effective for pitchers who have lower arm slots. For others, that’s the slider. How to Throw a Slider: I am going to show you how to throw a slider. Grip the outer third of the ball when throwing a slider. Wellesley Hills, MA 02481, TUFFCUFF Pro (for College and High School pitchers), check out my latest strength training, conditioning and throwing programs for baseball pitchers of all ages, Keep your fingers on top of the baseball to prevent twisting your wrist, Let the ball roll off the thumb and index finger (Let your fingers do the work! Throwing a slider is different than a curveball because the movement does not come from turning the wrist.