I’m breaking my tablets up into tiny pieces – an eighth or smaller – but can’t seem to get completely off them. Now in my 50s, but coming off anti-depressants in my 20s, they stopped eventually. I’ve been trying to get off this since Jan. 1. I have lots of experience of these. I have been getting this "buzz" feeling in my head since I was a kid, I am 28 years old now. It seems to slightly take the edge off. 28 years experience in Internal Medicine. I am on duloxetine (cymbalta) for depression, started in January. I get my insurance back in the next few days so I will be starting back on the meds to stop these zaps! However, I went to a doc about another reason and he put me on celexa and the buzz got so loud it drove me nuts so I quit taking the celexa and it still is a constant buzz. I am hopeful that the zaps will stop soon but I feel like maybe they won’t and I feel like crying. I understand what everyone is talking about. I have the zaps while on the med and they are 100 times worse off of the med. Second worse is an intolerance to noise, irritability, confusion, dizziness, upset stomach, terrible headache, teeth clenching, twitching… I’ve read it can take 3 months. I tried to taper myself down by breaking my pills into half’s and quarters but once I had quit taking them completely the Brain Shivers return. I take 3 fish oil tablets and 1 vitamin B12 and the brain shocks stopped instantly! It started when I got mad at someone and I noticed it came. I’m two days off Venlafaxine too, and they’re driving me crazy! Although they may be highly-uncomfortable to experience, at least you don’t have to worry about them killing brain cells. Also have anxiety, OCD, and ADD. I was at my wits end last fall. Antidepressants and Weight Gain: What Causes It? Well played Big Pharma, well played! These authors describe the fact that major changes to neuronal networks can occur during antidepressant treatment, thus leading to zaps when the brain attempts to function without the drug. While not studied specifically in terms of brain zaps, vitamin B12, folate, and omega-3 fatty acids have supporting effects on the nervous system and are crucial for brain health maintenance.3 Find them in food sources, like eggs, fish, beans, and dairy as well as nutritional supplements. Then Saturday I started getting the brain zaps. Patients are describing a strange buzzing sensation as they recover from the coronavirus, which many are calling "fizzing." I feel like I am going to have a seizure but do not! I have 1 aging parent and several grandchildren that I babysit a lot, but I am not raising them.

I always figured that it was new nerve pathways being forged in the brain, and by some miraculous feat I was sensing that. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! :(. 174,309, © 2020 NYP Holdings, Inc. All Rights Reserved “If people aren’t used to having fevers, maybe their skin really does feel like an electric sensation,” he says. And i too thought maybe i was crazy or something even worried about talking to my doctor about it. They come back monthly, which I believe to be related to hormones, and also with high caffeine intake or any amount of green tea or NyQuil. Other psychiatric authors have suggested that brain zaps are likely influenced by serotonin’s role in sensory functions and muscle movement. I don’t want to go for allopathic treatment again. I didn't expect to find other people like this. It starts with a weird “jolt” in my brain (not an electrical sensation, but a feeling as if someone just kicked my brain) and then my body follows by an quick twitch. I started antidepressants called Set CR 25 mg at night and 12.5 mg in morning. its really scaring me. I pray it will help me like it has helped you. Bonnie. Other symptoms of the deadly disease include a loss of smell and taste, fever, aches, breathlessness, fatigue, a dry cough, diarrhea, strokes and seizures, and for some, no symptoms at all. I believe this to be from the additional tinnitus I’ve had since my teens. Just weaning myself off of several months of Cymbalta 60 mg. These articles and the ability to post and share our experiences is so helpful. I was ready to go back on 10mg but the next day seemed to be feeling a bit better so hung in there. It is FREE! If anyone gets any news on this let me know. Hi, I’m so sorry you’re dealing with the zaps. Every once in awhile it will go away . While occasional drinks are not prohibited, it is best to cut down on alcohol all together, especially while trying to find best approaches to relieving the head shocks.