Junius Futrell’s efforts to sterilize sharecroppers of any race.

Gamble, who years prior supported widespread sterilization on the island, supported Pincus and Rock by expanding “the distribution of oral progesterone, accepting donations from pharmaceutical companies who, unable to conduct trials in the US, bid for access to the women in his clinics.”. By 1933 U.S. sugar companies had monopolized 314,000 acres. Gamble began bringing Puerto Rican doctors to New York to be trained in sterilization techniques in 1939.

the following statement in response to the countless reports of abuses: committed to the health and welfare of those in our care. Throughout the twentieth century, the population of Puerto Rico has often been criticized as too large for the island. Increasingly, those undesirables were Black, Latinx, and Native people.

ICE runs the detention system, but subcontracts the majority of detention to private prison companies who make profits from contracts with the government by filling the beds with undocumented immigrants. Social distancing is impossible in a crowded detention center.
While there aren’t definitive numbers, it is estimated that between 25 to 50 percent of Native women were sterilized.

And not just any state: a capitalist state built on racism and caging people of color, and which is spending millions of dollars to build private prisons to detain families who are coming to the U.S. to work, fleeing the brutal conditions created by U.S. imperialism. Declassified government documents have shown startling and often inhumane practices.

The rise of political support for the science of eugenics in the early 20th century resulted in state-mandated sterilization being protected by law, with 32 states establishing eugenics boards to oversee compulsory sterilization in the peak of the eugenics era. Presser indicates that most sterilizations have been post-partum, and that "enabling an increasing incidence has been the continued rise in hospital deliveries", which went from 10 per cent in 1940 to 37.7 per cent in 1950, 77.5 per cent in 1960 and 90 per cent in 1965, according to the Puerto Rican Department of Health. Section 936 and how it messed up Puerto Rico, Clinton poised for big win in Puerto Rico primary, Puerto Ricans in Florida are probably going to vote for the Democrat in November, and that is a big problem for Republicans, The release of Oscar Lopez Rivera and what it means for Puerto Rican Statehood, What you need to know about Puerto Rico’s election day, US Virgin Islands Governor Bryan signs FY2021 budget bills, The 2020 Elections Territorial Poll – October Edition, US Department of Justice seeks to deny birthright citizenship in US Territories in 10th Circuit Argument, What to do this week of September 13, 2020. And for the most part, legislators didn’t try to hide it. Outspoken and fearless, Sanger was willing to defy the law on behalf of women’s reproductive rights.
Wooten filed a complaint revealing the atrocities taking place in the detention center she works at, which is run by the private corporation La Salle Corrections. The people in these ICE detention centers are incarcerated while they await a determination of their immigration status or potential deportation. Gamble believed that Puerto Ricans and others living in poverty should be wiped out to make room for more “fit” members of the population, and birth control was part of that vision. .". Would you like to contribute to Left Voice? Andrews, Katherine.