All news consumption does, whether we’re talking technology, video games, celebrities, economics — you name it, it’s all the same. About Tournament: UEFA Nations League Watch Queue Queue. Euro – Qualification. The largest segment by far is really only interested in whether or not their team has won, and may not watch more than a couple of games each week. Loading... Close. Granting that it is economic nonsense only because Shirky has taken some poetic liberties with language, it is also nonsense given the nature of actual reporting. Learn how your comment data is processed. News was never high minded in the way that people like Shirky want it to be. Search. Required fields are marked *. There are indeed specific cases, such as Brian Deer’s remarkable work exposing the fraudulent study claiming a link between vaccination and autism.

A Lawyer to the Stars Says No. Certainly political junkies like to believe that they are better informed than those of us who abstain to the extent that the modern information environment makes abstinence possible. — between the head and the outermost niche of the tail. A lot of people have worried about the fate of the news in the current technological landscape. Political news consumption follows exactly the same patterns. To defend the romantic point of view, people will drudge up a handful of examples of investigative journalism that was consequential. TV’s Hidden Math: The Equations of Syndication, Malicious use of deepfakes is a threat to democracy everywhere. Location:Venue: Venue: Stade Josy Barthel, Luxembourg. It is about entertainment, about feeling good — in the broadest sense of feeling good, which includes indulging in outrage and feeling smugly superior to some other set of people. Just as we can take comfort in being a part of a family, people take comfort in being a fan of a team, and having that in common with other fans. Why would you ever think that some scandal in the Republican party would suddenly get people to switch affiliations?

Just as soap opera audiences love to feel outraged by the scandals of fictional characters, some sports fans love to feel outraged by the scandals of professional athletes. And if you pooled together all of such consequential work in the entire history of the news, it would not even amount to one atom in the universe of content produced in one single year in one single segment of the news industry. Euro 2020 qualifier on Sunday, November 17, 2019. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Watch Queue Queue. Your help is much appreciated. Streams ospitati su siti esterni come Youtube e qui incorporati.

European Soccer/Football – UEFA Nations League League – Round 3 13:00 GMT – Luxembourg vs Cyprus (LUX v CYP) Live Streaming Free. Per problemi legali, contatta i rispettivi proprietari di file multimediali / host.

Live Football Stream | Luxembourg vs Cyprus (LUX v CYP) | UEFA Nations League 2020 | SportKlub Live | H2H, Lineup, Live Score. The stakes are no higher than if we were discussing whether or not ESPN was going to be able to make it, or People magazine. Especially nowadays, this kind of work can be supported and promoted directly without connecting it to the vast news apparatus which produces a sea of informational garbage every hour of every day. Please note that not all channels are available to watch online. Questo sito non è responsabile della legittimità del contenuto. L'uso di questi non implica alcuna affiliazione o approvazione da parte di essi. The match begins at 15:00. Do you think that a lifetime Cubs fan would abandon his team because he found out that Sammy Sosa was taking steroids? EUROPE UEFA Nations League – League C – Round 310.10.2020 at 13:00 Hours GMTLuxembourg vs Cyprus (LUX v CYP) ive Streaming FreeEuropean Soccer (Football Championship), Twitter Handles Starting with HashTag (#)PremierLeagueLiverpoolAstonVilla, Live Football Stream | Luxembourg vs Cyprus (LUX v CYP) | UEFA Nations League 2020 | SportKlub Live | H2H, Lineup, Live Score, European Soccer/Football – UEFA Nations League League – Round 313:00 GMT – Luxembourg vs Cyprus (LUX v CYP) Live Streaming Free, About Tournament: UEFA Nations LeagueThe UEFA Nations League is a biennial international football competition contested by the senior men’s national, teams of the member associations of UEFA, the sport’s European governing body.