Almost immediately, his return was made into a campaign ad, the war machine ferrying him back to the locus of power set against the roiling purple sky. Jack Holmes is the Politics Editor at Esquire, where he writes daily and edits the Politics Blog with Charles P Pierce. Wait, But Also Joe Biden's Economic Plan Would Deliver 7 Million More Jobs, Maybe? There's also a dash of sports and some feature writing. The strongman stood on the balcony of the presidential mansion, hopped up on steroids and exhaling droplets of pandemic disease from his maskless gob in between occasional gasps for breath, saluting the screaming machinery of military force as the presidential helicopter's motors ground into motion and it took off in front of him. This Is How. Reality itself?—it was not immediately clear. whose doctor refuses to comment on the state of his lungs in public, the myth of the leader as a physical specimen, Trump's Walter Reed Road Trip May Cost Him, The Lying Matters 'Cuz You Can't Ever Believe Them. Grandpapa, I tell all my friends you aided and abetted the rise of American autocracy. Yep. He is, after all, the president. She'll Be Confirmed. Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu. And I understand it. Trump Is the Petty Man He Was Raised to Be. Poverty Is Exploding. He's Got the Virus Right Where He Wants It, Trump Peddles Lies and Cheap Scams from Hospital, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. If you catch the virus, just catch a helicopter ride to Walter Reed, where you'll have a dozen doctors attending only to your case. It was just last year that he had an Emergency Routine Partial Annual Physical at Walter Reed. Donald Trump has so far avoided any consequences as part of a broader reckoning his ascension to the presidency may well have kicked of…, Kayleigh McEnany Shows the Trump White House Does Not Feel Accountable to the Public at All, Trump Joins Fox News to Assure the Nation This Is About Exploding Trees, Not Climate Change, I Remember the Bagpipes Every Wednesday Evening, This May Be the Farthest Trump Has Ever Gone in Attempting to Invert Reality, The president, who is currently trying to destroy Obamacare and its protections for preexisting conditions, says Joe Biden, who helped …. Trump Shows He's Insane, Has No Plans for Second Term, Addresses QAnon Followers. Find the best way to get in touch with Jack by joining Muck Rack. By Kelly Sherin and Jack Holmes Jul 27, 2020 If We're Going to Survive as a Species We Need to Get a Handle on What 'Billion' and 'Trillion' Mean . Life in a budding authoritarian state is not fair, but we can take hope from Wisconsin back in April. It's Not Right, But You Might Have to Vote in Person, Trump Has Declared the Coronavirus—Which Has Killed 200,000 Americans—Affects 'Virtually Nobody', The Republican Supreme Court Power Grab Is a Disaster for the Legitimacy of Our System, A president who won millions fewer votes from actual citizens will have filled one third of the nation's highest court if he gets the a…, A Former Member of Trump's Coronavirus Task Force Says He Has 'a Flat-Out Disregard for Human Life'. When the craft landed on the South Lawn, the president disembarked after a few moments and walked to the building, pausing repeatedly to offer a thumbs-up or a half-fist-punch for the cameras. It's not just that he's rambling incoherently on the phone with Fox News hosts. The faithful demand a figure of strength, the myth of the leader as a physical specimen as well as a loud and belligerent voice trumpeting the virtues of a past America that never existed, spray-painted onto an extant nation in very real decay. Presumably, the president thinks he's gone too far down the road of pretending the virus simply does not exist—at least as a major problem for American society—to go back now. All of us are now facing the consequences of living in this reverse-Truman Show, a program produced by the child of P.T. Also, that he has no plan for any issue facing the United States at this time. Donald Trump is undergoing tests and treatment following his diagnosis with COVID-19. 8 Million Americans Fall Into Poverty as Congress Passes on COVID Relief Bill. And it's a very interesting thing.". This was authoritarian chic. The president was looking at something very strongly, that's for sure, though it will not be an ounce of humility or growth as a human being after he was struck by the very disease he so long downplayed and ignored at the cost of so many American lives. Don't worry about it! This content is imported from Twitter. His work has appeared in New York magazine and The Daily Beast.