Derek Dietrich signed a 1 year / $575,000 contract with the Chicago Cubs, including $575,000 guaranteed, and an annual average salary of $575,000. Dietrich shrugged at the sight of it and pointed toward his left foot, which was hit by an 84-mph curveball during his first at-bat in Thursday’s game. The wounds were a source of pride. The toe hurts. I’m always trying to get better and help the team win. That’s a big part of hitting.”. Fortunately, he’s avoided serious injuries throughout his career. I’m always working. Dietrich’s favorite part was that he scored every time. And he gets hit a lot because of it.”, Dietrich added: “At this level, I don’t think that has any merit. He was teammates with pitchers Anthony DeSclafani and Odrisamer Despaigne in Miami. He has experience at second base, third base, first base and left field. It helped that Dietrich knew a lot of players in the clubhouse. He said a few words and the umpire Visconti issued a warning to both dugouts. During the Reds’ 11-7 victory over the Milwaukee Brewers on Friday, Dietrich was hit by three pitches, tying a Major League record. Also included are actual stats from the current and last season. It’s not a category that most hitters want to be associated with, but it’s one way for Dietrich to show his toughness. He attended the same college, Georgia Tech, as outfielder Kyle Wren, who occupies the locker next to him. Dietrich, 29, was the longest-tenured Miami Marlins player before he was designated for assignment in November. CBS Sports is a registered trademark of CBS Broadcasting Inc. site: sports | arena: mlb | pageType: stories | Despite fatigue, Reds' Joey Votto 'prepared' for 2019 MLB season, Alex Wood, Sonny Gray hope to pitch in games Saturday after dealing with injuries, Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy. Guys try to get out of the way. “That’s what he does. Derek Dietrich is not projected to be worth a roster spot. I’m looking to hit pitches in the zone, so if it’s not and it hits me, it must not be in the zone.”, Game story: Reds score early and often to beat Brewers for 6th consecutive win, More: 'Winning is contagious': Cincinnati Reds have gained a new confidence in win streak, Notebook: Cincinnati Reds front office expects to maintain payroll level for 2020 season. It was the first time he’s scored four runs in a game during his seven-year career. “I got the one on the foot. Derek Dietrich tied an MLB record when he was hit by 3 pitches in the Reds' 11-7 win over the Brewers. But if it means helping his team, he’s willing to take the free base. In 2020, Dietrich will earn a base salary of $575,000, while carrying a total salary of $575,000. “I know he wasn’t trying to hit me on purpose, at least I hope not. After two, it’s just like, OK, enough already. “Where I benefit is being in this division, I still know a lot of the pitchers. I stay in the box. Dietrich's adjusted salary with the Texas Rangers is … He's been hit 70 times by right-handed pitchers. “If it gets me on base and gives me a chance to score runs, that’s what baseball is all about. The tables below show projected stats (totals and averages) for the rest of the season and upcoming weeks. I guess I made history tonight, a little Crash Davis type, Bull Durham there. “I worked and earned everything that I got from the Marlins. If they come up and in, they come up and in.’ It just kind of happens. I hold my ground. He was hit by a 94-mph cutter by Brewers starter Chase Anderson in the first inning Friday on his elbow guard, which protects his lead elbow. Hit by two pitches during Thursday’s game, he’s the first player to be hit by five pitches in a series of any length since 1904. The way we’re hitting now, it’s important.”. All Rights Reserved. I just have a lot of opportunities where I don’t get out of the way,” said Dietrich, a left-handed hitter who had a .330 on-base percentage last season, 12 points above the league average. “It’s the umpire’s judgment if he is intentionally putting himself into the balls. I mean, that’s the way I see it. A little dubious history.”. Shin-Soo Choo was hit a Reds-record 26 times in 2013, but no Reds player was hit more than nine times last year. I don’t try to get out of the way. He signed a minor league contract with the Reds on Feb. 19, but he should be one of the favorites to win a spot on the bench with his versatility. I’m in familiar territory as far as that goes.”, Doc:Despite fatigue, Reds' Joey Votto 'prepared' for 2019 MLB season, More:Alex Wood, Sonny Gray hope to pitch in games Saturday after dealing with injuries. Nothing is given to me. All rights reserved. Reds score early and often to beat Brewers for 6th consecutive win, 'Winning is contagious': Cincinnati Reds have gained a new confidence in win streak, Cincinnati Reds front office expects to maintain payroll level for 2020 season, Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy. He’s been hit a league-leading 14 times this season. The Reds' Derek Dietrich is under the Brewers' skin after being hit by a record five pitches in two games. When Dietrich faced Brewers reliever Junior Guerra in the seventh inning, the first pitch of the at-bat was an inside fastball near Dietrich’s elbow guard. The second pitch hit him on the bicep. Add to Reel. With two strikes, he likes to be close to the plate, so he can cover more of the strike zone. He’s done it his whole career. His rank based on avg proj (#53) is better than his rank based on total fantasy points. ... Dietrich HBP for 17th time, ties #Marlins single season record with 17, Carlos Delgado 17 in 2005. I think if you get hit by a pitch, you get hit by a pitch and you take your bag. "A little dubious history," he said. “I was like, ‘Well, I don’t really try to get hit by any of them. His 76.19 projected fantasy points puts him at #88 behind Travis Demeritte and ahead of Cameron Maybin. Dietrich reached base four times – he drew a walk in the eighth inning – and scored four runs in a four-run win. Tweet Video. August 27, 2020 | 00:00:57. Getting on base is big whether it’s a walk, hit, hit by pitch, it doesn’t matter. He was hit by 21 pitches last year, 18 pitches in 2017 and a National League-leading 24 pitches in ’16. Derek Dietrich’s rise from spare part to 29-year-old power-hitting machine. He was hit 63 times from 2016-18, the most in the Majors. section: | slug: 1908152042435-fvo-derek-dietrich-leaves-after-hbp | sport: baseball | route: article_single | Since 1908, he’s the sixth player in MLB history to be hit by multiple pitches in consecutive games. I don’t know, but the second one, especially,” Counsell told It’s a dubious honor. “Look at this one,” he said. Reds' Dietrich ties one MLB HBP record, breaks another Home I’ve never really shied away from it. “It’s a stat that my mom doesn’t like too much,” Dietrich said, “but I’m sure the guys that hit behind me appreciate.”. One of the things that he’s enjoyed in camp is learning from Joey Votto, another left-handed hitter who excels in reaching base. Maybe they’re game planning to go hard (inside) or something like that. He is projected to average 2.96 fantasy points. © 2020 But there is some skill to it. Dietrich became the first Reds player since 1900 to be hit by a pitch three times in one game, according to Elias Sports Bureau. I know what to expect and we all can talk amongst each other and help prepare and plan an approach and go from there. That one hurts worse. It’s important. Derek Dietrich left yesterday’s game early after being hit by a pitch on the knee. The HBP King: Cincinnati Reds infielder Derek Dietrich skilled at getting hit by pitches. © 2004-2020 CBS Interactive. “I’ve seen other guys have that – I don’t know if it’s an ability or inability to get out of the way or whatever – but that was actually a big part of the game.”. Being hit by a pitch is nothing new for Dietrich. 3-keys: sports/mlb/stories. Dietrich flipped his bat backward and he stared toward the mound. He has averaged 2.12 fantasy points in his past 246 games, which is less than our projected per game average. “I know the guys behind me appreciate it and I’ve always kind of embraced that. “Dietrich, I don’t know how to explain that,” Reds manager David Bell said. “It’s funny, the guys were asking me, ‘How many of those do you think you’re getting hit by and how many did you try to get hit by?’” Dietrich said. Derek Dietrich's HBP called back. Derek Dietrich gets hit by a pitch but is called back to the box after the umpire says he didn't move out of the way. He had the extraordinary box score line: 0-for-1 with four runs. Derek Dietrich is expected to come up short of this season-to-date's #68 fantasy position rank. “I wasn’t really upset,” Dietrich said. Derek Dietrich Is Not Projected Play Consistently and Is Not a Viable Fantasy Option “Nothing was ever given to me with the Marlins,” Dietrich said. “Getting on base, on-base percentage, is huge. … I’ve been hit enough on the arm.”. “It’s part of the game. Sometimes it’s just the cost of trying to reach base with two strikes. © 2020 Share. “We’ve got good hitters all up and down the lineup,” Dietrich said. I’ve never shied away from getting hit by pitchers.”. They are usually in the same batting practice group. He’s played against most guys throughout his six-year career. The extent of the injury is not yet known but Dietrich is hoping to be available for today’s game. Dietrich, hit by 93 pitches in his career, can’t explain what makes him more of a target than other hitters. GOODYEAR, Ariz. – Throughout the last three seasons, no Major Leaguer was hit by more pitches than new Reds infielder Derek Dietrich. There’s a difference from going to the most well-known player in camp to the new guy, but Dietrich said he was “extremely excited” for the fresh start. All rights reserved. It’s not like Dietrich walks up to the plate hoping that he will be hit by a pitch. MILWAUKEE – Derek Dietrich wore a sleeveless shirt in the clubhouse following Friday’s game and it was easy to spot a cut and bruise on his right bicep, the result of being hit by a 96-mph fastball in the seventh inning. “I don’t know,” Dietrich said, “you’d have to ask the pitchers that one.”. Forty-three are with two strikes. Dietrich was hit again on his elbow guard from a 93-mph cutter in the third inning. For me, I’m in the same situation here.