I think you definitely should. Or... the shape of a vein, a river, and a tree.. Why are the shapes of our existence common - repeated again and again? For the humans the gods are more of an optional feature in life. (There's no need to worry about winning this is not a competition, but an experiment.) You can involve yourself with worship, and you may benefit from it, but you may also refrain from doing so and it may not have any significant negative impact on you. You only have to worship one of the Immortalis.

Thank you for this I’m still working on the religions for my story and this helps. So I took this approach and while I created a proper mythology I won't reveal it in the book. A lot of the time, it's not even a case of being correct or incorrect. The author summarize the apologetic stories of a number of writers including Collins, D’Souza, Keller and Wright. Universal Life Church - Official Site - Est. My big thing with fictional religions is that it's mostly just metaphysics mixed with some anthropology. You're back from Narnia or wherever. ( I obviously believe that when we are exposed to all the ways (God?) Let’s review: 1) It has “Diet” in the name, which is obviously the opposite of “Lard”. I'm thinking a Neo-Monastic movement. . The educational processes of the faith of the Green Path have to do with helping people transcend their limiting thoughts and behaviors and open themselves to their inner wisdom and guidance. Exactly. Perhaps your religion would have a single male god, or perhaps a goddess.

Oxjonism. In a tongue-in-cheek jab at the widespread reverence for religion, the left-leaning aggregated blog site Huffington Post has announced a "create your own religion" competition for its subscribers. Before we are born, we choose a frequency to represent on earth, and by living this lifetime on earth, we gift this frequency to Gaia (the consciousness of Mother Earth) as an element in her expanding consciousness. I think this is the biggest blunder people make when doing anything with religion. You want to play into that if you’re going to be creating your own religion. One of the five sibling goddesses of water. Thing is, the line between religion, science, and philosophy get blurry at times. Everytime we feel we have accomplished something significant, we create another object to put into the bag. Whether it's practice or prayer, prophecies or divine meddling, it's too often a literal deus ex machina.

Each year more than 1.7 million visitors download more than 7 million documents from this site, including requests from more than 400 colleges, universities and schools of theology in the United States, and another 200 throughout the world. And if you have real gods and real magic, then religious and magical science would be quite valid. How would a religion based off of fact differ from one based off of falsehoods?

If nothing happens the gods are basically saying “Meh….”. My antagonists’ religion is a massive corruption from its origins and much of my current difficulties lie around discerning precisely what it was to begin with, and what was the weak element of this original religion that allowed it to get so corrupted. These are called Nearvershar. My religion would be based on joy, ecstasy, fun, laughter, and delight.

The congregation would be a collection of metaphysical practitioners . And to top it all off, many denizens of my world don’t realize the 2 dimensional nature of the power/godliness dynamic. While the initial orientation has been to seek material written primarily from a Christian perspective, the ultimate aim is to broaden the scope to include material on all the world's major religions. Play Religious Idle A bag so special that we are with so often that even if we lose it, we'll always find it again (no I'm serious on this one). every situation. The physical church would exist in extremely well cared for Nature places where education about nature, creatures, and SOIL use is taught (and worshipped). HEY every little ol' thing about us. "If I saw farther than others, it is because I stood on the shoulders of giants." Inarius: Goddess of children and childbirth.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: world's major religions and faith traditions, sermons, worship services, and ceremonies, a priest or minister ordained in a nondenominational online church, Kentucky Man Wins Battle Over "I'M GOD" License Plate, Pastafarian Pastor Delivers Controversial Opening Prayer at Government Meeting, Mystery Group Buys "Weeping Virgin Mary" Icon For $2.5 Million, Church of Satan Praises Christian Bale for Golden Globes Comment. You would need to provide a statement of beliefs and policies regarding things like marriage, sex and love, salvation and atonement for sins, crime and justice, war, and the role of other religions. Every shrine has a shrine priest or priestess and shrine workers made up of mages who are deemed to be too stupid or dangerous to train as full (i.e ranked) mages. His chapter on religion has interesting ideas on how to incorporate a religion into your writing. Kongregate free online game Religious Idle - Start your own religion! Belief is the moment before "I am that I am" In fact, there is a lot of knowledge in the Judea Christian books, but they are not studied for knowledge, only for rhetoric. We think we don't know... because we cannot say it. If the subject of your scientific enquiry is a deity or magic, it is still science. Consistency is by no means a necessity for fictional religions.

Twin of Neiveren. Honestly, I'd like to see the return to strict adherence to Christianity. He/She/IT/They are the guiding force of the 1st Church of the UPRIGHT HEARTROCK, my name for a church. Performance of plays and songs could be part of the ritual aspect as well.

Man, that line is just getting blurrier and blurrier. That's theology, which I would put under the category of philosophy. Facts and falsehoods are also (later in the story) a major religious factor for my characters. The shape of time appears, to us, to be a line, a succession of events. Its aim is to develop an extensive library of resources, representing many different points of view, but all written from the perspective of sound scholarship. Family Church in Lebanon, Missouri actually does a great job of keeping the bible relatable but not watered down in the least. They must instill into the reader’s heart a sense of belonging, just like the religions of our own world. There are many things to take into consideration. So far, I have not had a story in which religious beliefs play a large part, so what I have is mainly backstory; which is to say, it's that outsider looking in. Make a list of all the quotes, passages, entire books, songs, poems, whatever, that have the weight of ultimate truth for you. Hieros games and Kama sutra, My religion would be to explore the relationship of symbols, shapes, imagining their inherent meaning. Your religion will survive depending on what you choose.