Chester Gould (20 novembre 1900 – 11 mai 1985) est un auteur de bande dessinée américain, surtout connu pour avoir créé en 1931 le comic strip Dick Tracy, qu'il a animé jusqu'à sa retraite en 1977 et qui est l'une des bandes dessinées policières les plus reconnues et influentes. Plenty, with little significant complaint from readers in the 1940s. His dream had been fulfilled.

Chester Gould was interested in comics from an early age.

At age seven, he discovered the comic strips section of the local newspaper. ), Northwestern University Music, Literature, and Arts, Favorite Movie Based on a Comic Strip (A to L), Buster Keaton; Donald O'Connor; Chester Gould, Gale Gordon, Charlotte Rae, Mitzi Green, Don Murray, Roberta Sherwood, Bob Sweeney, Marion Marlowe, Frankie Laine, Patti Page, Victor Borge, Chester Gould, Smith & Dale. The physical appearance of the characters, The appearance of the minister who performed, Similarly, the physical appearance of the priest who performed. Growing up in Pawnee created fond memories for Gould. On May 11, 1985 Chester Gould died of congestive heart failure at age 84. Just three years later he entered another art contest. Thus was the beginning of Dick Tracy in 1931. [11], In 2005, Gould was inducted into the Oklahoma Cartoonists Hall of Fame in Pauls Valley, Oklahoma, by Michael Vance. As the strip became more popular, Gould embraced the potential for merchandising, with many officially licensed Tracy products being made available. He placed two strips with William Randolph Hearst's Chicago American, Fillum Fables, spoof on silent movies similar to Ed Whelan's Minute Movies, and Radio Catts, a "funny animals" strip about a family of anthropomorphic felines obsessed with that newly available technological marvel, the radio. Gould met with J. M. Patterson on August 15, 1931. In 1935 Gould bought a farm and sixty acres near the town of Woodstock, Illinois, 60 miles northwest of Chicago. In the following years, Gould would rise in celebrity status, appearing on such shows as “To Tell the Truth,” “Person to Person,” and Ralph Edward’s “This is Your Life.”. Person » Violation of these rights without the express written consent of the Chester Gould-Dick Tracy Museum Foundation, the Estate of Chester Gould, or TMS News & Features, LLC is a criminal offense and measures will be taken to enforce them. As he listened, his eyes drifted to the front page of the paper, which had a headline story about Al Capone, the most powerful organized crime figure in Chicago, possibly the entire United States. Cartoonist. Gould again won first place, taking home an amazing ten dollars in prize money. Eight years later, on May 11, 1985, Chester Gould passed away. He reverts back to advertising art, does some editorial cartoons, and draws a strip called The Girl Friends. Chester Gould in his Tribune Tower studio in mid-February, 1932. By 1947, Dick Tracy became a household name. Chester Gould was an American cartoonist, best known as the creator of the Dick Tracy comic strip, which he wrote and drew from 1931 to 1977, incorporating numerous colorful and monstrous villains. After graduating from the Chicago Art Institute in 1923, Gould went to work for a Chicago area newspaper.

This drew in many new fans, but alienated other readers who preferred the traditional "cops and robbers" storylines. These interviews became a major source when she wrote his biography, Chester Gould: A Daughter's Biography of the Creator of Dick Tracy, published by McFarland in 2007. All content on this site is protected by copyright and/or trademark. “They call cops ‘Dicks.’ Let’s call him Dick Tracy,” he suggested. Furthermore, Tracy and his comrades would then spend much time grumbling at how they were restrained by the law, to the point where such sequences halted the progress of the story. Gould would travel to his Tribune Tower office 6 days a week. The titular hero was the Chief of Detectives in a City that closely resembled Chicago. In 1918, Oklahoma A&M College discovered Gould’s talent for caricatures and cartooning. Additionally, Gould had Moon Maid engage in vigilantism in the 1960s, to which Tracy and his comrades approved of with a degree of enthusiasm that would seem irreconcilable with their professional ethics. Chester Gould: Birthdate: 1839: Death: Immediate Family: Son of Chester Gould and Susan Eldred Husband of Mary Gould Brother of Lydina Ivica Ackley; Charles Gould and Edwin Gould. Now, he would pursue his goal. Looking for a movie the entire family can enjoy? Gould, his characters, and improbable plots were satirized in Al Capp's comic strip Li'l Abner with the Fearless Fosdick sequences (supposedly drawn by "Lester Gooch"); a notable villain was Bomb Face, a gangster whose head was a bomb.

Gould's name remained in the credits of the strip, and many newspapers continued to give him the sole by-line on the strip (a not-uncommon practice). Offered the chance to take over the popular King Features strip Little Annie Rooney, Gould turned the chance down and left Hearst. They want to get married. In 1919, Gould moved to Stillwater, Oklahoma to attend Oklahoma A&M College where he enrolled as a freshman majoring in Commerce and Marketing.

On December 25, 1977, this young man, then 77 years of age, retired, having written and drawn Dick Tracy for more than 46 years. Chester Gould was an American cartoonist. For instance, Gould introduced a malodorous, tobacco-spitting character, B.O. PLEASE CALL TRIBUNE OFFICE MONDAY ABOUT NOON FOR AN APPOINTMENT. With success under his belt, he pursued cartooning with a passion.

© 2017. The strip also drew protests from those who felt that Mr. Gould's depiction of crime was too gruesome, that he poured on too much gore and carnage.[8]. “Dick Tracy” was born.

Frustrated at a solution, Gould resorted to a crude fourth- wall-breaking deus ex machina where Tracy directly appealed to his cartoonist to get him out and Gould's hand is drawn reaching into the picture to move Tracy to safety. Patterson’s eye. He drew the comic strip for the next 46 years from his home in Woodstock, Illinois. As with his former artistic endeavors, this too is a great success. Gould signs a 5-year contract with the Evening American and begins drawing two comic strips—The Radio Catts, a hilarious strip about radio and Fillum Fables an adventure strip. After graduation he is hired by the Evening American at $60.00 a week.