But video conferencing also has functions other than keeping distributed employees connected. If you have ever been distracted by the sound of someone typing or a barking dog in the background, then you'll appreciate these controls. The combination falls apart when it comes to virtual event management. The audience is present in the virtual meeting at the same time. FreeConference keeps things beautifully simple for users by not requiring any software to be installed. There are also settings to maximise call and image quality, as well as one-tap invites to join meetings as well as chats. The cost of using this virtual meeting platform is $0.00. This sub-feature can hold meetings with up to 300 participants alongside access for guests, person-to-person and team video, phone calls, sharable files with 2 gigabytes per person, and 10 gigabytes per group, desktop sharing for easy collaboration, and file organization through coloration. https://www.pcmag.com/picks/the-best-video-conferencing-software As an improved version of the standard Google Hangouts, Google Meet aims to make it easier to work with external clients. Using GoToMeeting, businesses can conduct meetings with up to 100 people, including participating and holding meetings using a smartphone. An Enterprise plan is available to accommodate up to 3,000 participants. Once you have found packages in your price range, the most important consideration is ease of use. Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? This means you don't have to worry about being charged automatically when the trial ends. Not only can businesses hold virtual meetings on this platform, but they can also conduct training seminars, webinars, etc. Skype app comes with no long-distance costs but is prone to audio and visual display problems, buffering delays, and calls being dropped. Not only is this endorsement from Zoom, Google or Microsoft enough to provide confidence in the manufacturer, it also ensures that you and your team’s video conferencing experience is seamless and efficient when using these platforms. Something that depends on your engagement strategy. This plan allows for live streaming of up to 1,000 viewer events, unlimited US audio calling, branding and customization, premium support, as well as unlimited video recording. Many services are scalable depending on the number of hosts and attendees you need. Consider how important this is to your company. This goes much further than just a logo in the app header. Then virtual booths might be high on your list. It is great when all users are part of a group on the Microsoft Teams platform. She also contributes to Lifewire.com and other online publications. New York, Our expert industry analysis and practical solutions help you make better buying decisions and get more from technology. ‘Pro 100’ starts at $14.99 per user per month. Overall, Microsoft Teams is ideal for businesses who already use Microsoft 365, or who are looking to reinvent their organization’s digital communication and collaboration workspaces. This made them easier and faster to organize. This gives participants the chance to have one-on-one conversations. Hangouts can be used in your browser, and there are apps available for Chrome OS, iOS and Android. The main feature is the ability to create a 3D model of the event. Contact the vendor for more details. All but one of the video conferencing services tested offers free trials (most are for 30 days) and many don't require a credit card on file. Take for example a prerecording of a presentation. The 6 best virtual conference platforms are picked by our staff. A few generous ones offer unlimited participates while others offer just four participants at a time. Compared to most video conferencing solutions it’s difficult to set up, but it’s free and has all the features of expensive commercial online learning video conferencing software, and performance is great. Users receive numerous devices in each plan, freeing them from not having to rely on their own integrated camera systems. The simplicity comes at a price. Microsoft Teams also provides the full range of features expected from a leading video conferencing software provider, including screen sharing and call recording, live captions, background blur technology, and chat functionalities. And to spice things up, it adds some well-integrated collaboration and file sharing tools, too. Inxpo is not the platform for you, if networking is what you are looking for. Other options include enabling and disabling webcams, locking latecomers out of a meeting, creating a waiting room while preparing for the meeting, and allowing break-out sessions. For accessible cloud-powered video conferences. The occurrence of this type could thus be on a weekly to monthly basis. With these six features, we have reviewed virtual conference platforms. If you want to brand your app, keep in mind that isn’t a feature either. You can share your screen, play slideshows and videos, and even let attendees take over your mouse to explore an interactive display. © Accelevents is a virtual event platform that is best known for its ticketed events. An easy to use app that allows you to connect with a single person or a group of people. A no-cost platform that offers tools to make phone calls, use instant messaging that connects with up to 10 people, and video conferencing. These can help you choose the best virtual conference platform: Virtual conference platform side-by-side. You also need to consider what the participants are able to do, such as share their screen, enable their webcam, sketch on a shared whiteboard, and even take over the presentation. Lifesize also supports 4k video conferencing. ezTalks Cloud Meeting specializes in messaging, video, and audio tools. While Microsoft's video chat tool is often thought of as being little more than a way of keeping in touch with friends and family, the cross-platform app also supports group video calling for up to 50 people. Fully branded conference apps can enhance the event journey. Much more than simply an occasional meeting and marketing tool, video conferencing has evolved into something that's become as ubiquitous as the phone for folks working from home. Outside of the free version, Lifesize’s prices may seem a bit steep compared to other video conferencing solutions. They have an agenda and a program of activities planned. This is not just in the number of attendees. There are little in the way of options, but this is about speed and convenience. Better yet, ClickMeeting supports question-and-answer sessions and live polls, so you can get your audience participating and collect valuable data about attendees. Think of feeds where users can post videos, make comments, or like posts. The free package includes 1GB of cloud storage, unlimited meetings of unlimited length and the ability to make MP4 recordings of them. Finally, you'll want to check compatibility with browsers and system requirements. Plug and play solutions are ideal for this, providing minimal set up and ultimate flexibility, so you can work wherever you need to and still have the same video conferencing experience. This makes it hard to connect. Microsoft Teams, for instance, tends to work best in Microsoft-only shops where Active Directory (AD) is used religiously. Your webinar page is also fully customizable, enabling you to show off your brand. Conferences have always been an event type aimed to network and discuss. You can also record any meeting or create a live stream, even without a paid subscription. This is more than made up for with the inclusion of its own hardware into the mix. Google's range of messaging services never fails to confuse, and even Hangouts is divided into Meet and Chat variants. Most services let you record meetings, and a few let you edit the recording right within the software. The only advanced feature that 8x8 Video Meetings was missing was an in-meeting survey function, although we haven’t seen this functionality for free in any video conferencing software. Amazon Chime offers calls, messages, digital meetings, and video conferencing. There are three pricing tiers. You have probably used a video conferencing program at some point in your career, and it's likely the experience wasn't the most enjoyable. For everything this software offers, the price is fairly reasonable, too. It has very few networking features and aims at 3D models. The event journey your attendees take will influence their experience. If you upgrade to the Pro Plan, you can transcribe and record meetings in real-time plus receive an infinite amount of space in the cloud. For the times when something goes wrong, you need solid support resources. BlueJeans Meetings is an excellent service for folks who just need to meet, whiteboard, and screen share. Premium video conferencing features without the price tag. Microsoft Teams, for instance, is a sunk cost if you are already using Microsoft Office 365, so it is a very attractive option. This will help you get the full picture of each platform. 2. ClickMeeting is a simple to use platform that offers various features. It relies on a separate calendar. vFairs. U Meeting is entirely web-based. It does this first by providing a web app experience, which means there is no software to download. However, you may be surprised at the extensive features that are available in these video conferencing services to make remote meetings just a little less painful. Molly K. McLaughlin is a New York-based writer and editor with more than a decade of experience covering technology. Still more than a few of them require plug-ins or downloadable apps to get the maximum level of value. Resource Bank. Our guide to the best virtual conference platforms helps you pick the right virtual solution. The maximum number of conference participants is five, which rules this out as a tool for many small businesses who may regularly want to host meetings for more people. Infinite Conferencing is a virtual meeting platform that seeks to streamline the process of conducting virtual meetings. It’s all possible during the live part of your virtual conference. For presentations, screen sharing is important as are granular options such as the ability to share just one application (Microsoft PowerPoint, for example), document, or image or share your entire desktop. We are dedicate... How to Select the Right Online Meeting Software, Tips for Running Successful Online Meeting, The Next Step Forward in Experiential VR Training: 3D Models, Web Developers and UI Design: 17 Programs for Visual Programmers to Know, Most Popular Data Visualization Tools in 2020, Share URL links to participants the day before the official meeting date to give them the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the platform interface and features, Start and be on time. These recorded meetings can then be used for your records or as webinars for anyone who missed the meeting or for new employees. Where BigBlueButton goes further than traditional video conferencing software is in its features useful to a virtual classroom. Receive news and offers from our other brands? This virtual meeting platform has a free plan for users, customer support for all other payment plans including the free plan and can operate on all major platforms. Slack helps to connect team members with each other through messaging tools, adjustable notifications and is streamlined with a multitude of office features. They offered the facilities, equipment, and environment required. This content type is available to your audience whenever, wherever. Accelevents. Although hard to set-up, the platform is free to use and has the interface of costly digital learning virtual meeting software. It’s definitely made with a huge business in mind, but it’s missing some must-haves, like a mobile app. Zoho’s meeting’s camera-based virtual meetings ensure that online calls run smoothly. “…and we’re live!”. Top features include drag and drop app creation, networking and basic engagement. Other features we looked at include the number of participants allowed on a call and the number of video feeds allowed simultaneously. Additionally, video conferencing services usually offer more than just face-to-face interactions. VFairs: The Best Virtual Conference Platform for Mid-Level Businesses and Up VFairs is a fairly robust virtual conference platform that allows large companies and universities to host online conferences, trade shows, and more.