Absolutely no coherence and zero character building.

Kris Reilly is Incredible as 'Justin Stevens' , a Particularly Loathsome & Depraved Character , from whom all this Debauchery Emanates .

Total waste of money and time. Dad says OK kiddo, go ahead. Low budget movie with a slow start that gets better.

The plot grows slowly leading into an intense thrill ride that keeps your attention locked on the action.

A "10" for this? Rather boring plot. Harley Wallen exudes his own form of intimidation as Detective Caldwell, who may or may not be on the legal level shall we say. Jesi Jensen is Jess, a close friend of Mindy and Amanda who gets swept up in the turmoil. I enjoyed all the aspects of this film! ( Log Out /  Writing, directing, and acting are all equally bad. As always, this is all for your consideration and comment. Tom Sizemore is great in this Have no idea where the positive reviews are basing their comments. ( Log Out /  Embrace what the filmmakers are striving to achieve, deploying every tool they have access to in order to create entertainment on a much more realistic, unvarnished level that proves a love for the art of cinema that so often has been lost in the halls of overblown Hollywood budgets, appealing to only the masses, and bottom lines.

timodonnell The Celtic Critic. Two young women get themselves into a very compromising situation that proves life changing, the aftermath is almost worse as all trails of the event has been wiped out and all of a sudden the tables turn and Amanda goes from being the victim to the accused. Please avoid even if you are quarantined. In total, “Abstruse” stands firmly on its own merits and is more than worth a watch if you’re willing to put aside any pre-conceived negativity about the very essence of what makes the indie genre what it is. How to use abstruse in a sentence. Menu.

But, whether that happens here by the film’s finale is decidedly left to conjecture, taking certain twists and turns that leave you wondering whether evil will be put down by good or might it be vice versa. There’s a lot of different component parts that have gone into the forging of this album. We get everything from post- and progressive influences, to trip hop and electronica, to splashes of avant-garde, jazz, and industrial, and a healthy dose of psychedelia. Reilly really stands out in a particular performance that just oozes deliciously vile cockiness, menace, and “I absolutely love to hate this guy!” mentality through the character he plays, Justin, a spoiled rich boy whose father is a powerful Senator and who’s worn out his welcome with pretty much everyone except his best friend Daniel. This movie had a very weak script and don't waste your time on this movie. Abstruse – Submerge:Ritual (Review) January 5, 2020 by wonderboxmetal. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. When even the law may not be trustworthy, that’s another facet that makes films of this genre and style effective, and was pulled off well. Amanda's Friends are Jessika Johnson as the Drop-Dead-Gorgeous 'Mindy' , the Murder Victim ; & Jesi Jensen as the Lovely 'Jess' , the Next in Line to Die . Total waste of time!!!

No real twists. A 12 year old's dad gifts a camera to his kid.

Belding” as a completely unscrupulous Senator was quite a shift in character perspective, but it works thanks to another veteran, Dennis Haskins, bringing it to life wonderfully as Senator Stevens, a man caught between his own bad dealings and connections plus a son who’s out of control.

Invited to Justin’s place for a little post-work afterparty, dark desires and nefarious objectives boil to the surface, leading to a shocking outcome, and causing Amanda to turn to her convict father Max (Tom Sizemore) for justice in a sphere of corruption and a chance that none of them might make it out the other side alive.

This is the fourth album from Abstruse, an experimental rock project from Greece. It's not even crappy to the point, when it becomes funny, like Troma productions (e.g. 5.0 out of 5 stars Money , Privilege , Corruption , & Murder Vs. a Father’s Love of His Daughter …. Great pacing and loved not knowing what to expect next. Change ). (What part of that is a great idea.) and he carries it off here as Max, Amanda’s father who has a past of his own he’s paid the price for. Jesi Jensen and Kaiti Wallen give likeable performances as two of the girls in a spot of bother and Kris Reilly is decent as the spoilt son at the center of the film. Nothing is good in this movie, Poor story line, poor action... no suspense no thriller. Toxic Avenger). It sounds like a mess, and it is, but a gloriously successful mess. Senator and crooked work a cover-up while others are after Justin. My classmate has a story and we can shoot this movie in our flat. A womanizer yet devilish misogynist, Justin devises a plan that goes horribly awry for the young woman on the receiving end, and soon he is forced to try and get away with it, using every possible means to ensure he does along the way, no matter who pays the price.

Well, there’s a lot going on here. A relative, no doubt!

Yes, the acting is variable, the script isn't the sharpest and nothing much happens for the first half hour but I stuck with it and found myself gripped and rather enjoying it come the closing scenes. Learn how your comment data is processed. Having said that though, this certainly isn’t your standard radio-friendly unit shifter, not at all, (much to its credit). Justin (Kris Reilly ) is the spoiled son of a rich senator who suddenly decides he can porno films, one in which he stars. Nice to watch a movie when you don't know what's going to happen, loved it! Cover-ups, dirty politicians, the depravity of a warped mentality, the dangerous potency of revenge, and an ultimate crusade for hardline justice all share the spotlight over the course of this 117-minute crime-centric thriller from writer/director/producer Harley Wallen, producer Nancy Oeswein, and executive producers Annette Cama and Nick Sarelli. The singing is well-executed, and the musicianship on point. Everything about this movie is poor - plot, characters, acting, shots, music - EVERYTHING. Best friends Amanda (Kaiti Wallen) and Mindy (Jessika Johnson) tend bar at a local watering hole frequented by a highly arrogant Senator’s son, Justin Stevens (Kris Reilly), and his friend Daniel (Dennis Marin). Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account.

Without a doubt, one of the worst movies I've had the displeasure to sit through. Wonderful performances by Tom Sizemore, Harley Wallen, Dennis Haskins and Kaiti Wallen! There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Shining a light on the means by which the rich and powerful premeditate shady deeds and deals with such efficiency that they seem untouchable to any form of actual justice, the film does a solid job at portraying this initially and then keeps the viewer immersed in the realms of those shadowy tones all the way through while also placing an emphasis on exactly how those who are victimized by such individuals seem only able to stagger back and watch their lives be one hundred percent ruined forever.