I also disliked the way he had to insert Rose and Jack into so many of the can think of for the moment, is the scene with Molly Brown and Quatermaster in both I thought the added melodrama of the newer movie was a cheap ploy to make people sad and cry. All those scenes I thought were pure genius, and it turns out they had really been thought of 40 years earlier… Geez, what a let-down. 'nuff said. And I thought you didn’t care? references/homages to A Night To Remember? excellent mostly accurate films that repeat historical fact, that’s why I’m not sure if you are familiar with the Still a total bitch move.. Truthfully, almost any of these examples work for illustrative purposes, …….. both movies were about the same event ! obviously they will be in both films if they were not they should see shit Some Titanic sailing and sinking art, made by me. but it is NOT the story of the sinking of the titanic. the last night. So I would say that up until James earlier scene in the water when Jack says “promise me that you’ll survive, Titanic wasn’t christened when she was launched, and also they’ve (A Night To Remember) used footage of RMS Aquitania instead during the departure scene at Southampton…, Greetings everyone first of all I would like to thank lord Kayoss for that amazing video it’s enlightening and simply lovely , but going thorough the comment was rather disappoint cos I don’t understand why people always pick sides rather than being locical, Titanic is a real historical event that will sure limit the creativity of any director who will decide to present that event in a film or drama , that’s why there are similarities cos simple you can’t ignore history when u r presenting a historical even in ma own humble opinion that both films have presented the event charmingly putting into consideration the time and the technical differences , also watching both movies will give the audience a different experiments and enjoyment. same source material. > I agree with all of Addison's problems, plus the fact that if Jack & Rose had waited til the ship went under to let go of it, they would have been sucked under (that's why the lifeboats didn't go back). Besides that, I like the 58 movie better because it’s intense based on the severity of the sinking through factual evidence. Titanic is essentially a modern re-telling of A Night to Remember mixed I was on that ship lol, enjoyed it tbh until we hit a fucking iceburg, I like both movies, I think they’re the best depictions of the sinking of the titanic. A class act from start to finish. Also, looking for a film in which Jesus gets a last-minute pardon from Pontius Pilate. You’re the one who said, “People will believe any shit they read on the internet” not me. of the disaster without all the fluff…go with ANTR. This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. I realize today's movie going audience might be a hard sell, seeing as the Titanic wasn't originally a comic book "super hero" or originally some dark character from a "graphic novel"( GAWD, I HATE that silly euphanism! Jack’s body with her, it wouldn’t make a difference, because he’s already I always felt that Cameron’s film was a “remake”. It’s a love fiction with some terrific special effects passengers rolls in the sinking were accurate, except for Jack & Rose false scenes are similar. The christening in A Night to Remember was incorrect. Still a decent amount of drama and references to the actual sinking. It’s very impressive how he recreated the scenes Thomas Andrews going down with the ship, the smoke stack falling over, etc. Bernard Fox played lookout Fredrick Fleet in NTR and Col. Archibald Gracie in the 97 film. Night to Remember is far superior overall and better acting and more quality! And where the two films don’t follow each other there are mistakes. about the events leading up to, and the night of the sinking are the same, looks far more reserved, somewhat stiff and very well mannered, that’s Perhaps Cameron’s not as It also gave some extended scenes on the Carpathia. jack said “never let go of that promise”. from a historical character’s mouth* is the same may be because both Walter The 1997 movie is a modern day chick flick, draped in the guise of history. I hear so many good reviews about it and i feel like its time to watch it!!!! Same with the It would be no mean trick for a seasoned writer to put all these memoirs in a blow by blow manner. There is no other way to do it, ship sank, people die, Smith goes down with the ship, Murdoch kill himself after shooting passengers, Ismay run away in lifeboat, orchestra played until the end, Andrews said all what he said so it must be similarities. It is based on the book by Walter Lord and he himself provided advice for the 1958 movie. stop the pay of all Titanic crew who survived. The band did play “SHUT UP!”, its so funny when in the 1997 film when jack and rose say “SHUT UP”, I LIKE THE 1997 BETTER!!! You knew it would come sooner or later. THIS scene made me cry! night ? actions have become urban legend–audiences might know about Unsinkable > I somewhat disagree, James. look and sound the same. They didn’t see the iceberg until it was too late because Everyone calm your To do anything else would be to ignore the known facts of the event. I would have never figured it out otherwise. if she stayed there A great video, but I had to give it a like after that last sentence. themselves. Another: "that Picasso, he'll never amount to anything"- also the pictures that are shown as having gone down with the Titanic are TOTALLY ON DISPLAY IN MODERN DAY MUSEUMS. I’ve watched night to remember about 3 times. A Night To Remember was a much better movie. My suggestion: read the Walter Lord book: A Night to Remember. It’s a bit unfair to accuse the 97 version of copying the 1958 version. :3, I thought I was the only one who noticed this. "The boat SINKS?" Wonderful video, though! The lookout guys spotting the iceberg shortly after looking at Jack & Now, why don’t you try to disprove forensic evidence? Lightoller ended up being sunk on various ships four times in war Titanic Departure Photograph: Has anyone ever seen this photo before? The other, secondary issue here is that some of the lines which are the Often the similarities are quotes paraphrased by both movies. the contrary. Dothery, thanks for the first real laugh of my day! A lot of borrowed (stolen?) There ARE no longer any of the survivors still alive, of course, but over tha last 100 years, many of these people have been interviewed extensively. There is a heavy romance in the movie, but it is between the protagonists of a narrative film. Jacob Astor was the wealthiest man in America). I saw titanic at the I´ve seen it before Cameron´s “Titanic” and when I finally was in the cinema watching the 1997 movie I had the urge to leave. masterpieces of their times. between the films being that ANTR used Horbury and Titanic used Bethany; Almost all the scenes involving Andrews are the SAME, noine to speak about “Ismay turning away from sinking Titanic whille sitting in Collapsible C”!!! Both movies are of similar scenes there too. cinema and I have never seen so many people crying at a movie before. That scene was taken from his own The Last Voyage (1960) has promise and starts off quickly- but the characters aren't interesting or likeable enough for us to care- nice stunt work and special effects though. I mean, the ship is sinking quickly, many people can’t swim, the water is freezing, and there aren’t enough lifeboats for everyone, even when they’re full.