Strachan of that Ilk, holding crown lands, were no doubt beholding to the sovereign and would have supported the King of Scotland, and his heirs. By mid-13th century, virtually all of the Mearns were converted to thanages. The Commander will likely become the hereditary Chief of Clan Strachan after waiting 10 years. (St A. Most historians agree that King Edgar, the brother and heir of Duncan II confiscated Máel Petair's mormaerdom, and converted it to crown lands. See all photos. (Exchequer Rolls i, p 15). Strachen, Strachn, Straughan, Strawhun, Straun, Strane, Stracon, Strahin, Strain, Strong, Strongman, Stronger, Strang, Stronge, Strang, Strange, Strangeman, Straughn, Strauchon, and Stranahan are also recognized derivations of Strachan. Around 1350, many of the families that benefited from Robert the Bruce confiscations and disinheritance rushed to make amends with promises of noble marriages and grants of land. [3], 17th-18th century: Civil war and a split in family loyalties,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Non Timeo Sed Caveo (I fear not, but am cautious), The main burn (or river) running through the village of Strachan is the Waters of the Feugh (today pronounced /few-ich/ with a guttural for the 'ch'). The elder Sir James, continued his ministry at Keith until he was deprived of his living by the Privy Council in 1689, because he refused to pray for King William and Mary, but instead prayed for the restoration of King James II. 900). The battle of Neville’s Cross took place to the west of Durham, England, on 17 October 1346. But in 1347, King David, honouring obligations under the Franco-Scottish alliance, invaded the north of England, were heavily defeated, and captured by the English. The meeting ended amicably with unanimous support for Rob Strachan, Mill of Strachan, Strachan, Aberdeenshire to be recognised as Commander. One source tells us that Máel Petair was the son of a Máel Coluim. It encompasses 56,362 acres. Strachan, Major Benjamin, CMG. Sign in. This is as true today, as when it was first printed in 1874. Hence, the original meaning of STRACHAN was, Valley of the Deer River. (Grant. Reg. It is believed by historians (see "Notes" immediately below) that the former Baron de Strachan was one of the large numbers of pro-Balliol nobles who, after the Battle of Inverurie (1308) fled to the English court, and where they were known as "the disinherited". This 'waiting period' is to determine if a more legitimate claimant to the Chiefdom comes forth with a documented blood line (found satisfactory to the Lord Lyon) that proves descent from the past Chief (or a cadet branch therein). It follows that there must have been some new motivation that made marriage with the Strachans politically desirable. Elizabeth de Quincy married Alexander Comyn, Earl of Buchan, and if the thesis of a family blood-tie is accurate, it would have made Strachan of the Ilk blood related to the Alexander and Elizabeth's son, John Comyn, Earl of Buchan. This description fits the landscape of Bucharn Farm, in the village of Strachan (NGR NO659930), in which lay a Bronze Age burial cairn. This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in United Kingdom. Vacation Packages. Can't-miss spots to dine, drink, and feast. This was not uncommon as, for example, the Name of Gordon, Fraser and others fall within this same classification. Car Hire. Today, there are two equally proper pronunciations of the Name: In c.1189-95, the lands of Strachan were erected into a barony by King William the Lion who granted it to William Gifford of Lethington (in the barony of Yester, ELO) in feu and in forest with permanent and hereditary rights for a payment of 9 merks annually every Pentecost, and another payment of sixty shillings at the Feast of St. Martin (RRS, ii, no. Flights. 154; RRS, ii, no. Post. The Strachans, similar to the Gifford family, were of Anglo-Norman descent, and with a moderate to high probability descendants from Waltheof, Ealdorman of Bamburgh (fl. This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in the United States. 302). Strachan of that Ilk, as mentioned, was likely blood-kin of John Comyn. A person with documented blood line to the past Chief (or a cadet branch) would have a priority claim for the Chiefship. Insurance. Clan Strachan held a Family Convention (or Ad Hoc Derbhfine) under the supervision of the Court of the Lord Lyon on 11 April 2014 in Edinburgh. According to Innes, an Armigerous Clan Society as a corporate Armiger is responsible to act as the economic and business affairs arm of the clan, subordinate to the Chief. Some debate exists as to whether the sale was due to a financial over encumbrance, or fear that a more senior claim might be made. In the 19th century, during the Napoleonic Wars, Admiral Sir Richard Strachan, 6th baronet from the direct line of the chieftainship of the Clan Strachan, commanded a squadron. The Anglicization of the Gaelic led to different spellings of the name, as transliterations were made in various censuses: Strachan (mainly Scots), Straghan (mainly Irish), or Strahan (both) and Strawn (American). ), RN, who died in 1828. Things to Do.