Our database counts: 2075 stadiums, The first, northern stand (IV) is two-tiered, second southern part of the stadium has three tiers, while the last two stands alongside the pitch are back to two tiers, but have the size of the three-tiered southern stand. All belonging to Group C, the games were as follows: Republic of Ireland v Croatia (1-3), Italy v Croatia (1-1), and Italy v Republic of Ireland (2-0). KKS Wiara Lecha is a football club founded by Lech Poznań supporters in 2011. That year the team reached the final of the Polish Cup for the first time, losing 0–5 to Legia Warsaw in Częstochowa. History. In the autumn of 1990, Lech played one of the most spectacular qualifiers of the last decade in the European Cup. Lech Poznan Lech Poznan II Lech Poznan U19 Lech Poznan UEFA U19 Lech Poznan Football Academy. three other stands, raised on artifficial hills, 1,994 (530 in 45 skyboxes, 1,100 in business class), INEA Stadion (2013-2018), Bulgarska Stadium (nickname), 42,000 (Lech Poznań - Manchester City, 04/11/2010). Polish federation of football supporters announced their grassroots plan to amend current stadium safety legislation. History. Therefore, this transformation became known as The Miracle of Błażejewo.

The club's first official name was Towarzystwo … In the best way possible. The City of Poznań had already been in the process of modernising their stadium, and sector 3 of the stands had been renovated, but when the decision concerning the EURO 2012 was taken, it was decided that a new stadium should be designed and built, taking into account the works performed to date. Most important, however, was the conquest of a new Polish Cup by defeating their great rival, Legia Warsaw, in the final two games in 2004. With attendances well below sell-out crowds, Lech Poznan went into the red over the Euro 2012 stadium lease. It looks like U shape and fifth largest stadium of Poland. Information & facts. [3] The club's first official name was Towarzystwo Sportowe Liga Dębiec. This page was last edited on 10 October 2020, at 15:37.
From 2003 to 2011 (when a ramp for away fans and catering facilities were paid for) it consumed PLN 746 mln or close to € 185 mln. 5.

[15] The ground is situated on the street ul. The campaign began several years ago. The fans' goal celebration involving the turning of their backs to the pitch, joining arms and jumping up and down in unison—originated in 1961[citation needed]. This marks the end of a year-long campaign to bring Lech Poznań’s symbol to the stadium. It was decided that all four stands be covered with light membrane, however the shape of stands itself was not settled. The following season, Jacek Zieliński replaced Franciszek Smuda (who was hired as national coach) as coach of Lech. Many Polish rappers who hail from Poznań have been strongly linked to the Lech supporter scene and the club prominently features in their music. 17.09.2016 Poland: Lech to install a locomotive at INEA Stadion. Over our many years of close technical cooperation with that firm, fischer has proven to be a partner able to solve even the most difficult structural problems. I have been visited Poznań city stadium few months ago. Among the most memorable games in the club's history were the clashes against Barcelona in the 1988–89 season of the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup second round. However, the return match in San Mamés was a nightmare for the Poles and the Spanish team qualified by winning 4–0. StadiumDB.com is one of the world's leading websites dedicated to football stadiums. The news came as a surprise even to the Polish FA (PZPN), who were only asking for 999 people... After two years we're finally just a step away from safe standing being legal in Poland. The revamp began in 2003 with works on a new fourth stand that would close the horseshoe shape of three other stands, raised on artifficial hills. The following season the team faced the current champion, F.C. [4] Along with Edmund Białas and Henryk Czapczyk, Anioła formed the famous trio known as ABC. We all friends have great interest in sports and love to see such kind of spots all over the world. The origin of Lech can be traced back to March 19, 1922 when it was officially registered as a football club. The first match was against Widzew Łódź which Widzew won 4–3. Why did this become a major life threat all of a sudden? Lech Poznań (Polish pronunciation: [lɛx ˈpɔznaj̃]) is a Polish professional football club based in Poznań and currently competing in the Ekstraklasa, the nation's highest division. In the second round of the European Cup, Lech faced Barcelona, coached by Johan Cruyff. The brightest era of Lech was in the early 1980s and early 1990s. The Poznań city stadium was the first of a series of western-style stadiums built in the 1970s in Poland, and was completed in 1980. Though much lower than in other top Polish venues, the deal is thought to improve Lech Poznan’s budget for the next 5 years. guides. When Poznań was chosen to host the EURO2012 football championships, the stadium was redeveloped rather than completely reconstructed, and capacity raised from 27,000 to 43,090, at an investment of €160 million. Also popular with fans of Scottish club Celtic who call their version "The Huddle", in homage to the team's pre-match ritual of a huddle before every game kicks off. What was supposed to be „just” the last stand of the old stadium, proved to be the first one of a completely new ground. Stadion im. The biggest rival is Legia Warsaw with whom they contest the "Derby of Poland". The club was established on 19 March 1922 as KS Lutnia Dębiec, later changing its name several times. In their first year of the return to the I league (2002–03) Lech focused on ensuring permanence. A taxi alternatively will cost you 20-30zl. Liverpool, who won by a 5–0 aggregate. The club operates a reserve team which currently plays in II liga, the third tier of the league pyramid. As a result, its popular nickname is Kolejorz [kɔˈlɛjɔʂ], which means The Railwayman in local slang. Stadium: Stadion Poznań 42.837 Seats.

The 15 goals scored by the top scorer of the tournament, Mirosław Okoński and the participation of other players like Krzysztof Pawlak and Józef Adamiec were very important to win their first league championship. Lech managed to qualify as second in the group with Manchester City, leaving Juventus and FC Salzburg out of the tournament. Architects of local Modern Constructon Systems studio quickly created a vision of a roof covering all stands, but that proved to be impracticable, forcing the designers to find a different solution.

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In August 1920, a group of young activists from the Catholic Youth Association decided to split off and form their own football team. The Municipal Stadium in Poznań is the home ground of Lech Poznań, and was one of the venues for the group phase of Euro 2012. Wisła Kraków, Lechia Gdańsk and Śląsk Wrocław are also big rivals due to the fans friendship with Arka and Cracovia, similarly Korona Kielce are disliked due to the friendship with KSZO and Widzew Łódź due to ŁKS. During work, which was divided into three phases, it changed several times, resulting in current, asymetrical shape of the ground. 6 ≡ Sub Menu. Host to large-scale events throughout the year, the stadium has also become a bit of a tourist attraction, with an ice rink in winter and guided tours offered at regular intervals throughout the day (including match days - check the website for specific times). Squad size: All this is planned in Poznan, where Lech is running major upgrades 5 years after Euro 2012. The campaign began several years ago. During that period, the club managed to finish third in the First Division twice, as the best result, before its relegation to second division. They gained promotion in the 2003–04 season to the third tier after winning the league and beating Jarota Jarocin 2–0 twice, 4–0 on aggregate.
By Football Tripper Last Updated: October 13, 2020. Find your usual collection of mugs, scarves, shirts and flags, as well as oddities such as jewellery and the Lech coat of arms. The first one was achieved with a win over GKS Katowice, while the second one tied in points with the second team, Legia, and only won because Legia was penalized for disputed match fixing. It was only with a great effort that the club was saved from relegation and even won the promotion the next season to the first division. In their participation in the Champions League 2010–11 they were eliminated by Sparta Prague in the third round and without Lewandowski, who was transferred to Borussia Dortmund. Despite the high price it received a lot of criticism as various facilities were being flooded after nearly any bigger rainfall, while the pitch had to be replaced six times in the first year of operation. This marks the end of a year-long campaign to bring Lech Poznań’s symbol to the stadium. However, just a few months later, in 2000, Lech was relegated to the second division after 28 years of presence in the top flight. In the 2006–07 season the reserve teams were scrapped in favour of a central youth league, but in the 2013–14 season they were reinstated, meaning that between 2007 and 2013 the team ceased to exist. For over a decade Lech supporters have a fellowship with fans from Arka Gdynia and KS Cracovia sometimes called the Wielka Triada or The Great Triad.

Among the more ardent element of supporters, there are some private contacts with Fratria, fans of Spartak Moscow. The stadium was originally built between 1968 and 1980. During the 2008–09 UEFA Cup season, Lech made it to the group stage of the competition after knocking out higher seeded teams of Grasshopper (notching its greatest margin of victory with a 6–0 win at home) and Austria Wien (scoring the decisive goal in the last minute of extra-time). The first league championship for Lech was a point of advantage (39) over Widzew (38).