Maddux had his first perfect frame in the third, striking out Seo looking for the second out. Cliff Lee is 4th, which sounds right, but Verlander is 42nd. It’s easy to drop the comparison in a discussion, but it’s a disservice to Maddux’s career. Greg Maddux pitch% heatmaps. Im Dezember desselben Jahres erklärte Maddux seinen Rücktritt vom aktiven Sport.[1][2]. In the case of this Twitter conversation, the same person that made the Greg Maddux Comp said that Kershaw would be fine because he was “crafty enough” to combine his breaking balls with his ability to locate his fastball. Sein Debüt feierte er im September 1986. 2014 Kershaw | The gist: For one afternoon, Maddux nearly met his match in Jae Weong Seo, a Korean rookie with a great 2003 season.

2003 was Giles’ breakout season — he finished with 6.7 fWAR and 21 homers after only getting partial playing time in each of the past two seasons and putting up just 1.9 fWAR combined. 2003 was a fine year for Weathers overall (0.7 fWAR), but this wasn’t a good outing for him, or outcome for the Mets. Greg Maddux barely threw above 90mph in his prime! I’ve heard others call it the Greg Maddux Comp.

So I wanted to do with Maddux what I did with Rivera this past June. Nur Maddux und Ferguson Jenkins haben 3000 Strikeouts und weniger als 1000 Walks auf ihrem Konto. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! You already know about Greg Maddux, though you may be surprised to know that he came into this game with very un-Maddux-esque numbers: 129 ERA-, 113 FIP-, 96 xFIP-. That’s insane!

There isn’t a ton of correlation between this statistic and actual production. This was mentioned in our previous look at the 2003 season, but John Smoltz was in the midst of his insane streak where he appeared in a bunch of Braves wins with no losses in this game. 1997 Martínez | Seo matched him with an 11-pitch, 1-2-3 inning. Connect with friends faster than ever with the new Facebook app. Nach 7 Jahren mit den Cubs unterschrieb Maddux 1993 bei den Atlanta Braves als Free Agent.

The Braves would then rough him up twice in July, before he beat them again with a decent outing in August.

Er spielte bis 2003 in Atlanta, bevor er dann 2004 als Free-Agent zu den Cubs zurückwechselte. In any case, what happened was this: Hernandez missed with his first pitch to Burnitz, and then threw him something over the plate because he (in his own postgame words), didn’t want to fall behind him 2-0.

1967 McCormick | We know that, he knows that, let’s just look into it for fun. Maddux gave up a one-out grounder through the right side from Jeromy Burnitz in the second, but Henry Blanco gunned him down trying to steal, and Maddux struck out Vance Wilson to end the inning. We can assume with high certainty that he has peaked. You could argue that this is because of his large amount of innings pitched(5008.1) and you’d be right. He was also the Braves’ first baserunner of this game, reaching first with two outs when shortstop Joe McEwing threw away a grounder. 1981 Valenzuela | I’ve heard others call it the Greg Maddux Comp. Sheffield had a 183 wRC+ coming into this game, and a 217 wRC+ in his last 56 PAs. Maddux war im Jahr 1995 der erste Pitcher, der in 17 aufeinanderfolgenden Spielzeiten mindestens 15 Siege notierte. 1996 Smoltz | 1979 Sutter | Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. Maddux wurde 1984 in der zweiten Draft-Runde von den Chicago Cubs ausgewählt. Baseball is dead to me, tell me something else cool about May 25: In 1986, this was the day of the “Hands Across America” event, a kinda-kooky stunt where the idea was to get Americans to form an unbroken chain of humans holding hands with one another across the contiguous 48 states. In dieser Zeit warf er in 4 World Series und verbuchte einen Titelgewinn (1995). In an 0-1 count, Giles smashed a Weathers pitch over the wall in left-center, giving the Braves back the lead they had just lost, and then some. The -1 is included so that both Maddux attributes are positive and can be added together without converging toward zero. Maddux has been credited by many of his teammates with a superior ability to outthink his opponents and anticipate results. 2007 Peavy | Of course, that was never a real possibility (hello, Wyoming) given how friggin’ big the U.S. is, but the cool thing is that enough people participated in the denser areas of the country that the length of the chain, if averaged out to be a straight line across the distance needed, was actually sufficient to cross the continent.

The Braves weren’t a very bullpen-heavy squad aside from John Smoltz at the backend (and didn’t need to be), but Hernandez was just about their worst option, and was already deeply into the negatives in fWAR (and in WPA as well) by this point.

1992 Maddux | Maddux pitched with stellar control for his entire career and that was how he accumulated so much value.

Maddux, though, would probably top a public survey. Seo countered with another 12-pitch 1-2-3 frame.
(The R squared is less than .11 in both.). Create a free website or blog at From 1993-2003 -- his 11 years in a Braves uniform -- Atlanta won the division crown in each completed season, advancing to the World Series three times and winning the 1995 Fall Classic. by Retrosheet. The great Greg Maddux (355-227, 3.16 ERA, 3.26 FIP, 114.3 WAR) once said the key to pitching is throwing a ball when the batter is swinging and throwing a strike when the batter is taking. 31 wird ihm zu Ehren bei den Atlanta Braves nicht mehr vergeben. MLB, Sports. In that game, Roberto Hernandez allowed a grand slam to Adam Dunn in extra innings to seal the loss; the Braves actually scored three of the four runs necessary to re-tie the game in the bottom half of the inning. He is, without question, one of the greatest pitchers of all time.

Am 26. 1994 Maddux | That would give him one of the greatest 5-year peaks for any pitcher… ever. We will briefly explain the process and team here. Wrong. 1970 Gibson | Braves catcher Eddie Pérez tells the story of Maddux intentionally allowing a home run to the Astros' Jeff Bagwell, in anticipation of facing Bagwell in the playoffs months later. Overall, the Braves went 11-8 against the 66-win Mets, a rate worse than they managed against the rest of the league, and Seo was a decent chunk of that. The Braves then intentionally walked Cedeño to set up a righty-righty matchup with Wigginton, and were rewarded with a first-pitch lineout to short. 2006 Webb | But take note of the IP count of the other control pitchers. Check out our. 1969 Seaver | Those numbers seem pretty gaudy, but Sheffield finished 2003 with an insane 163 wRC+ and a career-best 7.3 fWAR. He matched Maddux in allowing just three hits and zero walks in seven innings, struck out two, and had his line marred solely by the Andruw homer. Why? As I’ve already said, Kershaw isn’t going to match his 2011-2015 peak. Also, Maddux would have at least another 4 or 5 wins to add to his WAR total and that’s a low estimate since that was his prime. Seo fell behind 2-0, Andruw fouled a pitch off, and then crushed the next one into very deep left for a solo homer.

2009 Lincecum | It’s also not like where you choose to throw the pitch and if the hitter swings are independent of each other. The Mets, though, were pretty miserable. I’ve chosen pitchers with a walk rate less than 5.5% because I can. Watch more Baseball Hall of Fame videos: the official Baseball Hall of Fame website: http://www.baseballhall.orgFollow the Baseball Hall of Fame on Twitter: the Baseball Hall of Fame on Facebook: the Baseball Hall of Fame on Google+: National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum is home to the greatest stars and the history of the game.
With Maddux gone, the Braves turned to Roberto Hernandez, an offseason acquisition intended to be the set-up guy for the year. A chorus of boos erupted, and didn’t quiet as Hernandez fell behind Wilson 2-0, gave up a single, and then got an out on a sacrifice bunt. Er erhielt 18 Gold-Glove-Auszeichnungen für den besten Verteidiger auf seiner Position, darunter 13 in Folge von 1990 bis 2002. Am 31. April 1966 in San Angelo, Texas) ist ein ehemaliger US-amerikanischer Baseball-Pitcher in der Major League Baseball. Game MVP: Vintage Greg Maddux in this one! Maddux is one of a kind. That’s incredible when you consider that Halladay is a shoo-in HOF pitcher in his own right.

Außerdem nahm er acht Mal am Baseball All Star Game teil. But, the difference was that the Mets had an awful bullpen and poor position players, while the Braves’ bullpen was good and their position players were the best in baseball to this point.