How about now? He also writes @thepointofpgh. This, by the way, is why thinking probabilistically is difficult. This is a very encouraging list. Both players were basically “new” in 2017 so this is the only relevant data available. Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball. Positions 1B/OF . He doesn’t protect or shorten up with two strikes and instead he’s constantly threatening low-flying aircraft with his incredible torque, hand speed and uppercut swing. While making contact doesn’t need to be Bellinger’s forte for sustained success, we want to see that he has the bat speed to sustain a lack of contact. That apparent volatility he showed by mashing in April and September could be a red herring. Cody James Bellinger (born July 13, 1995) is an American professional baseball first baseman and outfielder for the Los Angeles Dodgers of Major League Baseball (MLB). Additionally, I made judgement calls on only including seasons with 14%+ swinging strikes, and over .180 ISO as both appear to be comfortably within the range of possibility. by Retrosheet. Bellinger is the son of Clay Bellinger, who also played in MLB. Mystery Flaw #2: He’s caught in a roster crunch. You should read it.). And please don't worry, your report will be anonymous. It has a once-in-a-lifetime feel to it. Cody Bellinger pitch% heatmaps. All minor league baseball data provided by Major League Baseball Advanced Media Their salaries were about equal. However, he also hits the ball hard enough to warrant this sacrifice in his profile. Those are undeniably comparable batting lines. To account for this I simply judged if he was below or above league average in relation to a couple statistics. I recently had a trade discussion in an ottoneu league (this isn’t an ottoneu specific article, bear with me). With Andrew Toles out for the season with a torn ACL, the likelihood of Bellinger staying in the big leagues has improved. I am a White Sox fan and my fear that his arm implodes would make me refuse the offer though. Mystery Flaw #1: Big platoon splits. FanGraphs Store. When he isn't working or studying for actuarial exams, he focuses on baseball. Particularly in the case where a player has a high K profile with scouts on record saying he’s got a violent swing. Joe works at a consulting firm in Pittsburgh. 2020 600 PA / 200 IP Projections Steamer600. Let’s put some faces on similar hitters to Bellinger. Jeff Zimmerman has already dived into Bellinger’s defense in the OF, which may be better than expected. If the other owner communicated he really wants Kopech then I think you made a fair offer. If these fall below average, we could garner some information on if Bellinger’s power is being overstated. Signed By Bryzzo Souvenir Company for $29. Cool. Because of this, I wanted to look at a list of comparable hitters from the past 10 years who appear to be in similar classes to Bellinger.