Other recent reviews on Eyeless In Gaza & Martyn Bates includes reviews of the recent overview albums of Eyeless In Gaza and Martyn Bates respectively on Sub Rosa at Terrascope Online. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Eyeless In Gaza – Mania Sour Cd, 2014 Eyeless In Gaza – Orange Ice & Wax Crayons Cd re-release, 2012 Eyeless In Gaza – Everyone Feels Like a Stranger Cd, 2012 Eyeless In Gaza – Summer Salt & Subway Sun 1xCd, 2006 (same as released as part of the 2xCd, 3xCd box later) Eyeless In Gaza – Song of the Beautiful Wanton CDR ONLY with booklet & original sleeve artwork, 2000. Photography by Elizabeth S. Pete Becker: bass guitar/drums/e-guitar/drum machines/wasp synth/pixie-phone/ac-guitar/melodica/echo-boxes/piano/tapes/percussion Martyn Bates: vocals/keyboards/ac-guitar/e-guitar/clarinet/bass whistle/soprano sax/mouth harp/percussion, Pieces: never going back ✼ and i don’t belong ✼ locked-in ✼ torn bridge ✼ i also dwell ✼ wide open ✼ older day ✼ and i dreamt ✼ amazed ✼ gentle, Eyeless In Gaza new album Sun Blues released September 23rd, 2016 (Updated January 23rd 2018).

There is a burst of activities from Eyeless In Gaza these days and they again wish to reach out to people more than ever. (Around 8 o’clock. As Bates’ states, for him, the whole process of music-making is cathartic. Produced by Eyeless In Gaza. The album is song-focussed and the running time is 46 mins 52 secs. At present the album is intended for release in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Greece, being designed primarily to offer an “overview” of some of the key aspects of Eyeless In Gaza’s post-Cherry Red works, together with one third brand new material.

That, too, is an unlikely and Jewishly inconceivable outcome. (This gig was a private party with invited guests only and that was the reason it was not announced beforehand. Then Orchis did a similar set, with some of their best tunes like He Walks in Winter and The Red of the Moon.

Eyeless In Gaza – Concert in Antwerpen, Belgium February 17 (Updated April 12th 2007).

In 2005, Ariel Sharon abandoned Gaza – too much trouble, too costly and irredeemable; they would always harbor genocidal intentions toward Israel (it’s in their charter) and so, boldly, Sharon decamped. It’s not so simple. Egg-Box Mask, 8. Tickets are available in advance right now for £7 through the Tin Angel website. Playfulness, energy and beauty are always there. Recorded & Engineered by Pete Becker. All songs composed by Martyn Bates & Pete Becker. The Home Produce: Country Bizarre album – The Tago Mago recordings: remixed and expanded Cd (NDN 37) by Eyeless In Gaza and Lol Coxhill was released on June 26th, 2003. Martyn Bates is one of the great white soul singers, I mean (soul as in) Ian Curtis … I still love them.”. This time the band was a 4-piece with violin player Damian Dudu.Poster (low-quality jpeg). Ellis, for A-Scale. Photographs as Memories is a dense, but lyrical album, with some of the most soulful post-punk tunes there ever was. The concert went very well and Eyeless In Gaza performed some great songs available on YouTube (thanks to Pedro García): Still Air, Inky Blue Sky, The Mountain Tomb, Reverie, All Yr Pages, Red Berries, Pearl and Pale, Among the Blue Flowers and the Yellow, Centrepiece, Voices, Keynote Inertia, The Apple Orchard, Morning Singing, The Decoration, Snow Rages, Desolate Hills, Sweet Life Longer, Corner of Dusk. Mock Sun #1/I Can’t Look for You/Bones of Your Face/Years of Salt/I Forget You/The God on the Tree*/Full Sail/Flanaghan*/Fully Bright/Mystery Seas/This Wayward Love/Fantaccini Playground/Ellen Massey*/Letters to a Scattered Family/Silvery Images*/No-One Spoke/The Mountain Tomb (poem by W.B. Hamas destroyed all of them because…the Israelis created them. NDN Records has pressed it on high grade quality DJ vinyl and hope to reach out to DJs and dance floors all around. You can read all the reviews here. Hunger Song (1994); 22. Improvisation was always a massive part of Eyeless in Gaza’s strength.