Panchu P. 9/15/20: Please pray for the conversion of my husband Kevin and for me; deeper conversion of Julia. For my wife to pass the OET exam (26 Sep 2020) (trying 4th time) to migrate and be a blessing for family and generations. Please God, help her return to a normal life. 9/24/20: Pray for Cheryl. I know the Lord is the one who can win this fight so I am asking for prayers from now through then, please, and may the Lord bless you also. Thank you. They're from Ohio and we want them to come back home safely. There is always quarreling at home and no peace of mind. I pray to you and keep my home safe from the evil eye, instantly. Miracle Prayer. Thank you and Amen. Please pray urgently. We are being tested for Covid and want to have the strength to get through it all. Please keep Cuddles and I safe and well from Covid. Also, for protection over me, guests, and my home/property cause someone broke in down the street and we're all feeling uneasy. Please ask that he continues to place his healing hands on my dad’s cancer and keep my mom in remission. He has a pituitary tumor and heart problems. In this I pray. She is so very young still and we have a future planned, in Jesus’ Name, amen. Thank you. Thank you and God bless!! Margaret of Castello, Ven. Aurora, 9/19/20: I don't know why I came here this moment. Jan. 9/29/20: Dear sisters and brothers in Christ, I have worked hard to earn a civil engineering degree. Sean G, 9/24/20: I humbly and faithfully ask St. Also, my vision is poor. I ask this in the Name of Christ Jesus. May He also abundantly bless me and my family, and, as we receive these blessings, may He teach us to share these with the needy and less fortunate. For her to have a heart of thankfulness. She needs angels to surround her and open her eyes to everything that has happened in the past few months. I have no help. 10/7/20: I ask for healing of my thyroid. Bernadette S. 9/5/20: I am currently unemployed and affected by and due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Please pray for him to change and accept Jesus 100%. I’m also praying for myself. I was employed by an employer of 12 years and had to go on FMLA and then unemployment. Without the 134 I will no longer be able to live independently and will have to go into a nursing home I am only 63 and am just devastated by this news! Now you can harness the incredible power of intercession with Prayer Requests 'LIVE'. Diana, 9/28/20: Please pray for HTGCGSP, my mother, for her full recovery and to be cured from cancer. Due to which there is weakness in the body. Stephen, 10/7/20: Please pray for my marriage, my job, my faith and for Philip D. May our Holy Mother and Our Lord Jesus watch over him and heal him. Lord, I am a university student, I am currently facing a trouble of being especially disliked by the lecturer for reasons that I do not know. I know I am not doing well in my studies, but I have tried my best with patience to work on it. Jay, 9/11/20:  Please pray for protection and stop the bad experiences. He is questioning his faith and what the world is telling him is ok. Pray that he will be able to cope with daily life. 10/6/20: For my son Nigel to do well in his CET exam on October 15th and get admission for engineering in a college and course of his choice.